Novichok – Empire Of Lies

Friends of the site, previous podcast guest and ‘Moshin’ The Roof On’ alumni Novichok are back, bursting from lockdown with an all new EP, we’ve been lucky enough to have this for a few weeks, and here’s what we think….

Kicking of the new EP, the North East thrashers, let us warm up gently with a slightly trippy, whirling instrumental, ‘Pre-Emptive Strike’ builds and grows as it launches into the first full on rager ‘Omnicide’ and as always with Novichok, its a vicious little bastard, with throat tearing vocals this  stomper has everything you could want, grit your teeth and bang your head to the fast bits and flail your arms and stomp around to the catchy mid tempo sections. ‘Beasts Of Burden’ hits your ears next, and the introduction to the song immediately gives a Hanger 18 era Megadeth vibe, and there is nothing wrong with that, building up as a mid paced stomper raising to what initially feels like the end with a crowd sing along ‘we are the beasts, the beasts of burden’ but that’s not the end as there is another minute of all out thrashness added after the chorus… utter madness I tell you!!  And then far too quickly we are onto the last track of the EP, ‘Vultures Wings’ gets your head in a blender from the start, only breaking at just under a minute for a short  rock god solo….go on show us your ‘solo’ face!! before launching back in to the frantic assault on your senses.

Novichok have made some real but subtle improvement since their debut EP, and whilst we love those early tracks, this EP sees them develop more as a band and the recording really does the tracks and the lads justice, their passion for thrash comes through with their mix of influences and it’s all delivered with the grit and punch that we’ve come to expect, here’s hoping for a full album from the boys in the not to distant future!

Support Novichok and get ‘Empire Of Lies’ now via BandCamp

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