Nothing Sacred – No Gods

Neil Bolton heads down under for some Australian Thrash, here’s what he thinks about the new album ….

The dark gnarly roots of thrash metal reach back far into the 1980’s. One of the bands involved in planting those roots are Australian thrashers Nothing Sacred. Springing to life back in 1983 their appetite for gigs across the Eastern Seaboard of Australia firmly established them in the centre of the 80’s metal scene. With a couple of recordings under their bullet belts in 1989 a decision was made for the band to take a “short hiatus”. This hiatus consisted of rare live gigs with various line ups leading to an eventual comeback gig in 2012. More successful gigs, both headline and support slots, lead the band to record the single “First World Problems” that was very well received, and is indeed included in this collection of tunes.

This new album, “No Gods” is a culmination of musical experience and renewed energy beginning with the track “Final Crime” and the confident thrash heritage is instantly on display. James Davies’s clean vocals are soaring along with a band who have nothing to prove and are just enjoying the creativity. It would be unfair to call their style all out thrash, but their metal has a large slab of traditional trash flowing up through its veins. Tracks like the afore mentioned “First World Problems” showcase the precise drumming of Sham who can be both subtle and then lighting fast and never missing the beat. The rest of the band are no amateurs either, the guitar work from Stu Bedford and George Larin is always on the money with solos reaching exceptional heights and a thunderous bass track from Karl Lean providing more than just a foundation for the tunes.

With “No Gods” Nothing Sacred seem to have recorded an album with a few friends, sharing a few beers, while enjoying a relaxed metal musical experience along the way. Perfect for a listener who longs to listen to music with a few friends, sharing a few beers, while enjoying a relaxed metal musical experience along the way.

Nothing Sacred – No Gods is released on the 16th July via Rockshot Records

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