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Killing –Face the Madness

Our review machine Hutch, reviews an album that has been getting loads of plays in the Thrash Dungeon… Lets see what he says about Danish Thrashers ‘Killing’…. For a band who formed in 2013, Face the Madness has probably been a long time coming and… Continue Reading “Killing –Face the Madness”

Grave Altar –Hell’s Necromancer

Hutch explores the latest release from Grave Altar.. here’s what he thinks to the Bristol Speed Mongers latest offering… Short, sharp and filthy –probably the best way to describe this four track EP from Bristol blackened thrashers Grave Altar.  Hell’s Necromancer follows up on their debut… Continue Reading “Grave Altar –Hell’s Necromancer”

Amnessia Eterna – Malditos

Frank head to South America to check out the new album by Amnessia Eterna, here’s his thoughts of this Spanish language Thrash… I am entering into this review completely blind. Now I like thrash metal from South America, In fact, I find so much… Continue Reading “Amnessia Eterna – Malditos”

Underdark – Our Bodies Burned Bright On Re-Entry

Asa delves into the belly of the beast with a review of some new post black metal from the UK, here’s what he thinks… Underdark are 5-piece Black Metal band from Nottingham that blends elements of Post-Rock, Atmospheric Black Metal and Second Wave Black… Continue Reading “Underdark – Our Bodies Burned Bright On Re-Entry”

Stop Chasing Ambulances…

This August UK zombie thrashers Send More Paramedics will hit the studio to record a new album – their first in 15 years! The band will be recording at The Stationhouse Studio, home to recording maestro James Atkinson (Voorhees, Gentlemans Pistols). “We’ve created a… Continue Reading “Stop Chasing Ambulances…”

Space Chaser – Give Us Life

Here at UK Thrashers, although our primary concern are our homegrown acts, we do occasionally allow ourselves a bit of a holiday and venture overseas, especially when there is the promise of top-quality thrash. This time around it is a quick weekend break to… Continue Reading “Space Chaser – Give Us Life”

Mordred – The Dark Parade

From the cultural home of Thrash Metal, the original genre-bending funk thrashers Mordred return with a brand new album ‘The Dark Parade’ and here’s what we think of the album… If you are a full on ‘Thrash Till Death’ type of reader, Mordred may… Continue Reading “Mordred – The Dark Parade”

Xenos – The Dawn Of Ares

Italian Thrashers Xenos are back with a brand new album for 2021, which somehow passed us by a couple of weeks ago for its release, but that won’t stop us giving the follow up to 2020’s Filthgrinder some attention, these guys obviously haven’t been… Continue Reading “Xenos – The Dawn Of Ares”

Blacklist – Disciples Of Time

The Blackpool arm of the Tri-fecta thrash militia enter the fray with their debut album, we’ve been lucky enough to hear loads of demo’s, early mixes and advanced artwork from the guys, so out of impartiality we asked Gareth to review the album, here’s… Continue Reading “Blacklist – Disciples Of Time”

Domination Campaign – Onward to Glory 

Paul Hutchings reviews the new album by Tasmania death metallers Domination Campaign… when Slayer and Bolt Thrower are both mentioned in a review its gotta be worth reading on.. You can do a lot in 29 minutes. You can listen to Reign in Blood. There. Nothing else needed. But,… Continue Reading “Domination Campaign – Onward to Glory “