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#ukthrashers is a site created for the love of thrash, and UK thrash particularly. We write news, reviews, reports on live shows, have a weekly radio show on Moshville Radio with great guests and we support bands from their first steps through to playing on the world stage.

We also organise the Moshin’ The Roof On Charity Album raising nearly £5000 for Shelter and helping the homeless crisis in the UK

Latest Articles

You Little Hairy Bastard!

Manchester dirty blackened d-beat metallers Wolfbastard will be bursting into 2022 with a full length facefucker of an album! ‘Hammer The Bastards’ is everything you could want if you are a fan of dirty heavy metal, taking influences from bands such as Venom, Motorhead, Dark Throne and Discharge, Wolfbastards new album seamless blends the genres … Continue reading You Little Hairy Bastard!

HelGrind -‘Insurrection’

after enjoying the single, Garath plunges in to the new Helgrind album.. here’s what he thinks of the bands latest album…. UK thrashers HelGrind return with their fourth full length album ‘Insurrection’, and first since 2011’s ‘Inquisition’. Originally conceived back in 2017, but put on hold due to various reasons, not least label issues, it now finally … Continue reading HelGrind -‘Insurrection’

Helgrind – Massacre The Suffering (Single)

Gareth checks out the new single from Helgrind ahead of his upcoming full album review, check it out for yourselves… If you like your thrash a bit old school, the latest single ‘Massacre the Suffering’ from Arlesey Thrashers Helgrind might just be what you’re looking for; a ferocious brute of a track from their forthcoming ‘Insurrection’ album. … Continue reading Helgrind – Massacre The Suffering (Single)

Dark Redeemer – Into the Deep Black

Hutch checks out Italian Death metallers Dark Redeemer and their new album… Piling on with the blatant Swedeath worship are Italian veterans ‘Dark Redeemer’.  Their debut LP ‘Into the Deep Black’ comes off their 20+ year career as atmospheric/progressive death metal behemoth ‘Aleph’ – named Metal Hammer’s ‘new Italian band of the year’ in ’06 … Continue reading Dark Redeemer – Into the Deep Black

Mutant Blast –Detonation

Hutch explodes all over the new Mutant Blast EP….. Although they only finalised their line up in 2020, Finish death n’ rollers Mutant Blast have a distinctly mature sound. Detonation maybe their first EP but there is plenty to get stuck into in the blasting 22 minutes which five full songs as well as an atmospheric intro.   It’s … Continue reading Mutant Blast –Detonation

Daily Insanity – Chronicles of War 

Hutch checks out the new album from German Thrashers Daily Insanity, here’s what he thinks… Germanic thrashers Daily Insanity follow up 2018’s EP Conspiracy with a debut album which is at times straightforward no-nonsense thrash metal in the traditional Teutonic style but which also veers completely away from the template. It’s an album that keeps you on … Continue reading Daily Insanity – Chronicles of War 

Demolizer – Upgrade 

Hutch checks out what the Demolizer lads have been up to… A tasty refreshed four-track EP from the Danish thrasher which follows on from 2020’s Thrashmageddon, It’s no surprise that this rerecording of Ghoul continues in the gnarly manner of their previous releases with the snarling title track Ghoul a fine way to open the experience. It’s all … Continue reading Demolizer – Upgrade 

Orange Goblin – Healing Through Fire (RE-ISSUE)

Paul Hutchings gives the re-issue of Healing Through Fire the once over… yes it’s Orange Fuckin Goblin!!….. Few bands kick so hard, so consistently as the UK legends that are Orange Goblin. Formed in 1995 under the name Our Haunted Kingdom, their first release was a seven-inch split with Electric Wizard. Their sound changed from the … Continue reading Orange Goblin – Healing Through Fire (RE-ISSUE)

Anthrax – 2022 Tour Announcement

Still celebrating their 40-year tenure as one of music’s premier thrash metal bands, Anthrax announces their first European/UK tour since the summer of 2019. Kicking off on September 27th 2022 in Birmingham, UK, the band will play 28 dates in 16 countries, wrapping up in Zurich, Switzerland on November 5th. Crossover thrash band Municipal Waste will support on all dates.   “It sure has been … Continue reading Anthrax – 2022 Tour Announcement


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