Moshin’ The Roof On

Coming out of gigs and clubs late at night, we have all, over the decades, seen and interacted with Homeless people. This is something that we shouldn’t’ see in a ‘rich’ country like the U.K.

But unfortunately Homelessness is not going away, so from 2020 we wanted to help in some small way!

Moshin’ The Roof On started off as a U.K. Thrash Metal Double Compilation Album with 26 bands from across England, Scotland & Wales donating tracks to raise Money for Shelter.

But has grown into an integral part of what we do, any patches, tees, facemasks or merch contains a donation for Shelter, any overpayment from our BandCamp pages all goes into the Charity pot.



Shelter helps millions of people every year struggling with bad housing or homelessness through their advice, support and legal services. And they campaign to make sure that, one day, no one will have to turn to them for help.A home is a fundamental human need and a basic moral right, as vital as education or healthcare.

But in Britain today, that right is being denied to millions of people whose lives are blighted by homelessness, bad conditions, soaring rents, discrimination and the threat of eviction.

Shelters strategy sets out to be a turning point, an ambitious and fearless response to what has become a national emergency. The right to a safe home isn’ t just the right to a roof over your head. It’ s the right to somewhere safe, secure and affordable.

It is an indictment of years of failure that across England, Wales and Scotland, as many as six million households are either denied this right, or are threatened with losing it.

These six million households are the people Shelter exists to serve!