ukthrashers – Orange Goblin

In this weeks episode we catch up with Ben from Orange Goblin & Route One Booking and talk about being a man mountain, the re-issue of Healing Through Fire, the new line up, gigs in ‘The Yard’ touring post Brexit and loads more

We have music from – Elimination – Victims By Design

Invator – Deathtrap For An Execution

Orange Goblin – Vagrant Stomp

Maze Of Terror – Priest Of The Ancient Ones

Trapped In Purgatory – Spit It Out

Killing – Don’t Get Mad..Get Evil

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ukthrashers – Paradise Lost

We are back after a bit of a break, In this weeks episode Jon catches up with Aaron from Paradise Lost.

We have an exclusive new track from Novichok called Omnicide taken from their new EP Empire Of Lies We also have Music from Blacklist and ‘Crucifix’ taken from their upcoming new album Disciples Of Time

Devastator – Howling Night from their (newly available on vinyl) debut album Baptised In Blasphemy

Imperium – Here Comes The Night

Dead Before Mourning – Will We Ever Learn

and Finish with Tortured Demon and ‘The Invasion’



ukthrashers – Black City Records

Not quite a normal podcast, blended with not quite a ukthrashers guide to… this week Jon caught up with brand new Bristol Heavy Metal Record Shop ‘Black City Records’ And chat about setting up a new store in the heart of Bristols metal scene….

We also have music from

Belgium Thrashers Primal Creation – Watch It Burn from their new album

Bangover – Blood Of Brakus

Overpower – Poison

Goliath  – Under The Glass


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See you next time!!

ukthrashers – Night Fighter

Another week, another blast from the underground, we head North to Glasgow and catch up with one man black thrash commando Night Fighter, and talk about the speed metal resurgence, analog media, writing, gigging and loads more

We have music from

Night Fighter – Hell Thrashing Savagery

Hellripper – HellKvlt Warfare Commando

Night Fighter – The Ripper

Devastator – Spiritual Warfare

Sidewinder BC – Slutdrop

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ukthrashers – Evile

In this weeks episode we catch up with returning UK thrash kings Evile, we chatted with Ol and Adam about the reformed line up, vocal and style of the new album,  and all the stuff you’d expect

On Moshin’ The Roof On Volume 2 Release day we play music from

Acid For Blood and Burn, Die (MTRO exclusive advance)

Night Fighter – The Ripper (MTRO exclusive advance)

RipTide – Inhuman Race

Killerkorp – Survival Of The Fittest

Our US brothers Ultimate Power Corrupts and Severed From Reality

And Finish with Blacklist (ft Liam from Hellfekted and Daniel from Thrasherwolf) and Brand New MTRO track – Vengeance

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ukthrashers guide to… Mercenary press

In our Second ‘ukthrashers guide to…’ we catch up with Inhuman Nature vocalist to chat about his new record label and distribution company ‘Mercenary Press’

We have a good old geeky chat about cassettes, merch and music, his first release from Sadistic Force and talk about his DIY ethos of fanzines, record label and music.

Check out Mercenary Press Big Cartel for the zine, merch and releases

or BandCamp

Available in moving pictures below, or on your favourite podcast platform.

ukthrashers – Acid Age

We are back with Belfast Thrashers Acid Age, talking all things about the NI Scene, motorway breakdowns, warrjazz as well as their new album Semper Pessimus…

We have music from –  Acid Age – Shotgun In Your Mouth

Mortal Backlash – Leaders Of The Lie

Acid Age – Slave Girl

Scimitar – Behead The Beast

Sadistic Force (USA) – Billion Dollar Sadist

ukthrashers guide to… The Tanking

In the first of our brand new podcast series we go behind the ‘scenes’ of the UK music industry and meet the new festival kids on the block – the two Daves.. er Mikes, organisers of the Tanking Festival

We talk about putting on a festival during Covid Restrictions for 50 friends and fans, and look forward to the 2022 line up featuring UK thrash heavy weights Acid Reign, as well as a ton of bands we have interviewed including Damnation’s Hammer, Ashen Crown, Tortured Demon and Steel Mage as well as a ton of other great bands including Senser and Footprints in The Custard

We find out what its like to try and start a festival, and chat about loads of other stuff from the wider uk scene, and tales from fields and festivals.

Check out their website – or find them on Facebook –

Check it out below, or head over to iTunes/spotify

ukthrashers – Bloodmores

We are back in the virtual studio with another hour and a bit of chat and thrash This weeks guests are Bloodmores, who’s new album ’To Close To The Sun’ is out today, and as well as the normal chat we do a run through of the album, track by track.

We also have music from From Casper, Wyoming – The Band Repent – and their latest release WAR,

From Gothenburg, Sweden – Ominum and The Crescent or the Cross

Bloodmores – The Circle Of Betrayal

Bloodmores – Suicide Pact

Trendkill – Playing God

Siderian. – Sneak Attack

Scarred By Truth – The Plight

Please order our Charity Double album Moshin’ The Roof On – Volume 2, via our Bandcamp –

See you next week for Acid Age and some WarJazz!!

Series 3 Episode 9 – Sawticide

This week we catch up with North Londons Sawticide, and talk everything from the cultural influences that sneak into their music, releasing an album that starts a pandemic and loads more

We also race around the capital for some great thrash from Detoxen – Thrash Till Death Thrasherwolf – Blood Moon Sawticide – Buried Alive State Of Anxiety – The Hammer Bangover – No Prisoners