Anthrax – 2022 Tour Announcement

Still celebrating their 40-year tenure as one of music’s premier thrash metal bands, Anthrax announces their first European/UK tour since the summer of 2019. Kicking off on September 27th 2022 in Birmingham, UK, the band will play 28 dates in 16 countries, wrapping up in Zurich, Switzerland on November 5th. Crossover thrash band Municipal Waste will support on all dates.  

“It sure has been a long time since we rock’n’rolled in the UK and Europe,” said Anthrax’s Charlie Benante“but we’re coming back soon to bring the noise to all of you guys. Being that we can’t get over there until 2022, we’re going to make sure that every show will be an eventful one. We won’t just be playing four decades of songs to celebrate our ongoing 40th anniversary – hey, we’ll be giving YOU some history! – but we just might have some brand new ones for you as well. Can’t wait to see all your happy, smiling faces!!!”

On this tour, fans can expect Anthrax – Joey Belladonna/vocals, Scott Ian/rhythm guitar, Frank Bello/bass, Charlie Benante/drums, and Jon Donais/guitar – to draw from all four decades – fan favourites and deep cuts –  for their nightly setlist.

“There’s just something special about Europe,” said Belladonna. “Our fans there have always had a full-fledged excitement about our shows, and I enjoy performing more than anyone can imagine, so we’re really looking forward to this tour.”

Tickets will go on sale this Friday 20th August at 10am BST here:

ANTHRAX – UK/European Tour 2022
w/ Special Guests Municipal Waste

27.09.22  UK  Birmingham @ O2 Academy
29.09.22  UK  Manchester @ Academy
30.09.22  UK  Glasgow @ O2 Academy
01.10.22  UK  Newcastle @ O2 City Hall
03.10.22  UK  Leeds @ O2 Academy
04.10.22  UK  Nottingham @ Rock City
06.10.22  UK  Bristol @ O2 Academy
08.10.22  UK  London @ O2 Academy Brixton

10.10.22  BE  Brussels @ Ancienne Belgique
11.10.22  NL  Tilburg @ 013
13.10.22  FR  Paris @ Bataclan
14.10.22  DE  Oberhausen @ Turbinenhalle
15.10.22  DE  Leipzig @ Werk 2
17.10.22  DK  Copenhagen @ Vega Main Hall
18.10.22  SE  Gothenburg @ Tradgarn
19.20.22  SE  Stockholm @ Annexet
21.10.22  FI  Oulu @ Tullisali
22.10.22  FI  Turku @ Logomo
23.10.22  EE  Talinn @ Kultuurikatel
25.10.22  PL  Warsaw, @ Stodola
26.10.22  DE  Frankfurt @ Batschapp
27.10.22  DE  Stuttgart @ LKA Longhorn
29.10.22  CZ  Brno @ Sono
31.10.22  HU  Budapest @ Babra Negra
01.11.22  HR  Zagreb @ Culture Factory
02.11.22  AT  Vienna @ Arena
04.11.22  IT  Milan @ Alcatraz
05.11.22  CH  Zurich @ Komplex   

Elimination – Victims By Design

Our pals in Elimination have broken cover early with the first new track and video from their upcoming album ‘Echos Of The Abyss’ check out the single ‘Victims By Design’ on Youtube Below

Pre-Order the album from their Big Cartel Shop as you will NEED this album.. its already spinning on the review decks in the Thrash Dungeon!!

Directed and Produced by Eric Revill-Dews FX: Elle Bryden and Alice Nichols

The Cultist- Leigh Pettit

The Crucified- Mick Jackson

With thanks to: Chris Williams, Jo Jackson, Joe McNeice, Jarrad Lee, Lauren Hilary and Steve and Elaine Hill

Music by David Hill and Leigh Rumsby

Lyrics By Neil Stevens

Mixed and Mastered by Jack Helliwell

Filmed on location in Norwich, UK.

Stop Chasing Ambulances…

This August UK zombie thrashers Send More Paramedics will hit the studio to record a new album – their first in 15 years! The band will be recording at The Stationhouse Studio, home to recording maestro James Atkinson (Voorhees, Gentlemans Pistols). “We’ve created a monster – nine prime slices of our most savage thrash to date – with plenty of the creepy atmospherics and punky singalongs our benighted fans have come to crave”, reports vocalist B’Hellmouth.

The album is set for release in autumn 2021, to coincide with the band’s near-sold-out run of one-off reunion shows in Leeds and London this Halloween. No decision has yet been made on a label for the release. Follow SEND MORE PARAMEDICS on social media for more info!

Riptide – Inhuman Race (Single)

UK Thrashers Riptide featuring newly acquired Evile guitarist Adam Smith release a new single ‘Inhuman Race’ tomorrow (12th March).

This is the first track the trio has released since last September, and the new track will be released on “Thrashed TV” – ex-Jhofffilms’ Chris Soustsos’ brand new YouTube Channel as well as all the streaming services.

I have been holding onto “Inhuman Race” for a very long time. I wrote it when I was 15, back in 2015, and I have been wanting to release this since then. It is a punchy, ferocious track full of crushing riffs and dynamic progressions. 

Adam Smith

Working with the bands Bassist and producer Sean who adds

I am incredibly happy with the way the new track has come out.  It took a while but I’m really glad we have been able to finally release “Inhuman Race” to the world! It is actually the 3rd time we had tried to record and finish the song, but we had quite a few production issues which were then magnified when Covid halted our plans, almost indefinitely. 

Sean Xavier

So we took a listen ahead of tomorrows launch and here’s what we thought –

Riptide are back, with the third long awaited single from their latest run, following on from Fatal Retribution and Smoke, and whilst everyone wants to see an album from the lads, the fact that every single is given its own space to breath and live makes all releases a bit of an event.

The track is typical Riptide, and although it was written a few years ago, it doesn’t sound naive or outdated, in fact its a pretty bruising pummelling nasty little fucker, that once again does a really good job capturing the high energy and intensity of a live Riptide show

Adams vocals are spit out in that nice blend that he achieves that have a classic UK sound, but are internationally coherent, the guitar work and solos are as always spot on and Sean and Drummer Jason really lock in and help this song ground itself… right into a mosh pit!

As always it’s over to soon, but as always, it gets us excited to hear what’s next from the Huddersfield lads, as well as itchy to go and catch them live again soon.

Check out Inhuman Race from Riptide in all the normal places on Friday!

Solitary – Catharsis (video)

Our mates and two times Moshin’ The Roof On contributors Solitary released their latest single from last years world beater ‘The Truth Behind The Lies’ Catharsis today. Catharsis’ shines an unflinching spotlight on the plight of the homeless in modern day Britain, a cause that as you know we hold very close to our core.

Check out the video below and if you haven’t already, please consider picking up a copy of our compilation album Moshin’ The Roof On HERE

Speaking about the new video, Solitary front man Rich Sherrington said, “‘Catharsis’ deals with the debilitating state of anxiety, but the lyrics lent themselves really well to the homeless crisis that we wanted to highlight in the video. It’s an issue we feel passionately about and people need to see ‘the truth behind the lies’ – who’d have thought the UK government would misquote and distort the figures to mask the actual reality of the situation?”

The Truth Behind The Lies has received a swathe of incredible reviews from across the metal world and Solitary have had major features in magazines like Zero Tolerance, Metal Hammer and Aardschok.

“They sound hungry and mean…” – ZERO TOLERANCE 5/6
“… Solitary’s magnum opus; an undiluted thrash album with plenty to say and the songs to back it up!” – WORSHIP METAL 9/10
” …a stunningly fast and furious thrash metal rampage…” – METAL GODS TV 10/10
“… an uppercut to be enjoyed without moderation.” – MUSIC WAVES 4/5
“…a HUGE, stonking muthafuckin’ BEAST of an album.” – UBER ROCK

As well as highlighting the ongoing problem of homelessness in the video for ‘Catharsis’ Solitary have also contributed a track to the charity compilation album Moshin’ The Roof On Vol. 2, organised by the UK Thrashers group and featuring the cream of UK thrash. Find out more here:

The Truth Behind The Lies is available now on Metalville Records

Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – Neil BF

Alright… Neil here, so I’d asked all of our reviewers to post their Albums Of The Year, but haven’t done my own yet…it’s really hard, as to be honest, and I know it’s cliche, but it depends on the day, my mood or the stars! The quality of releases from the UK this year has ensured my sanity…. right here goes!

5. Solitary – The Truth Behind The Lies – Rich and the lads have dropped the album of their 25 year careers, as a huge Solitary fan, I’m so happy that this album was everything that I’d hoped for, it’s just a proper bit of U.K. thrash and I love it.

4. Virus – Evilution Apocalypse – Despite delays, label issues and all the other bullshit, Virus have come back after a thirty year gap between albums with an old school banger. Can’t wait to get in the pit with some of these songs!

3. Devastator – Baptised In Blasphemy – I have just enjoyed this album so much, I have played it to death, and still play it again. There are a sway of bands doing this vein of blackened speed metal, but Devastator tuck right into the sweet spot, blending the swagger of Motörhead, with the rawness of early Venom and Thrash elements I need from Sodom.

2. Hellfekted – Woe To The Kingdom Of Blood – I don’t throw these comments around lightly, but when a band reminds you ‘emotionally’ of the first time you heard ‘In Battle There Is No Law’ then you know you’re onto a good thing, this is still in a raw state, but the potential is huge.

1. =Onslaught – Generation Antichrist =Shrapnel – Palace For The Insane

I just couldn’t split these two, and I know it’s a massive cop out…

I got into Onslaught in late 1986 through file sharing… someone gave me a cassette! It had Power From Hell on one side and The Force on the other, and I’ve loved the band ever since, not seeing them live until the In Search For Sanity tour, but being a fan of all versions of the band. This did not disappoint, in anyway, at all, the singles, videos, album as a whole… all top drawer, and shows why Onslaught are our most exported of U.K. thrash bands.

Shrapnel, for me have moved into the top tier with this release, the quality of this album shines through, with tracks all providing an insight into the bands capabilities and drive, I can’t wait to see these tracks played live and see them take their place on the top rung of U.K. thrash.

Honourable Mentions are way to many to mention, but we can have a go, here are some other bands whose albums I’ve loved in 2020:

Gama Bomb, Sylosis, Cryptic Shift, Hellripper, Incinery, Sawticide, Thrasherwolf, Reaper & Divine Chaos!

Plus some EPs and singles that have kept us excited for the future:

Elimination, Pest Control, Tortured Demon, Decimator, Militia, Ifreann, Beyond Salvation, Scarred By Truth, Tempashot & Trapped In Purgatory

Now, as I’m the boss I can do two right? So on the International front, I’ve been massively impressed by the strength of the underground than the big league, the following 5 bands are a great selection of brilliant thrash from the rest of the world, we’ve got Denmark, Canada, Germany, Italy and Portugal represented and we hope to catch some of these bands in the UK 8n the future.

1. Demolizer – Thrashmageddon

2. Hazzerd- Delirium

3. Reactory – Collapse To Come

4. Xenos – Filthgrinder

5. Mindtaker – Toxic War

With honourable mentions to Surgical Strike, Skeleton pit, Thrashwall, Amorphia, Havok, Sodom, Butcher, Midnight, Annihilator, Sepultura & Warbringer.

Reviewers 2020 Top 5 – John McLachlan

Well 2020 is almost done and, like most people, I cannot wait for it to be over. Gods favourite band retired at the tail end of last year and he hasn’t taken it well. 

However, lets thank the sweet baby Jesus that a bunch of metalheads did not let a worldwide pandemic stop them making their beautiful, brutal offerings. 

5 Testament. Titans of Creation – The only reason Testament make the list was after seeing them live in March. Recordings do not do Testament justice, however Titans, is as close as you are gonna get to the live feel of this band. Riffs aplenty with Chucks gravelly vocals dripping all over it. I never got into the early Testament material but the new album made we want to go back and try again.

4 Onslaught. Generation Antichrist. – The UK stalwarts were back and with new vocalist David Garnett. His debut album saw the British thrashers go back to the old school style with new style production and it was a brilliant mix. Pure anger and aggression, wrapped up in some hardcore riffage gave us a great reminder of what Onslaught are capable of.

3 Mr Bungle. The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo – It has 2 of the originals from the big 4, enough said.

2 Raider. Guardian of the Fire. – Canadian band Raider released this early 2020 and I had the pleasure of reviewing it. A brilliant slab of death/thrash aimed at pummelling the listener into submission and leaving them begging for more.

Before my top album of 2020 here is a few honourable mentions, some thrash, some not but all worthy of a listen and a mention in this list. 

Steel Mage. The Uprising of Hatred – Brilliant 4 track EP from the young thrashers. Keep an eye out for more in 2021. Ifreann. Desecration. – Scottish band Ifreann with their 2nd EP and it does not disappoint. AC/DC. Power Up – The light at the end of a shitty tunnel. Classic AC/DC and just what the doctor ordered. Iron Maiden. Nights of the Dead. Doing what Maiden do best and probably one of their greatest setlists. Volbeat. Rewind, Replay, Rebound (Live in Deutschland) Fucking sue me. Happy tunes with less than happy lyrics.

Now onto my top release for 2020.

1 Thrasherwolf. We are Revolution – Debut album from the London based thrashers and what a debut it was. Seriously violent thrash in an old school vein. They even had the balls to throw an eleven and a half minute track in there and still keep your head bobbing. Great stuff and hopefully the sign of more to come.