Contract Killer – Fat Cat 

Paul Hutchings checks out the debut by Contract Killer, does this crusty thrash punky assault land on target, read on to find out more….

Formed in 2019 as a solo project by Steve Gungle, guitar player from the thrash/punk brusiers Overload, Contract Killer’s girth was soon widened with the addition of Overload drummer Jaime, The Chain Of Panic’s – Arnas on vocals and bass and singer/bassist Lexa. The latter duo sharing the vocal and bass duties.  

Fat Cat is their debut EP and it’s an aural thump to the ear. Recorded, engineered and mixed in 15 hours by Carl Harris at his Zoo Studios in Nuneaton, the pace with which it was recorded is conveyed in the musical content, which can best be described as frantic. With the longest track clocking in at a mere 3:30, there’s no messing around. The riffs are heavy, tinged with crossover punk, the bass is distorted, angry and in your face, the drums explosive, aggressive and relentless and the vocals a violent cocktail of snarling gravel laced roars that could peel paint.  

The pulverising start of Throwaway Culture, the visceral driven She Screams and the EP’s title track all vary in style, but retain a savageness which is absolutely necessary to ensure that Contract Killer catch the attention. There’s a myriad of influences tucked up in this ball of fury but immediate references include the thrash of Toxic Holocaust and GWAR, the rock n’ roll power of Motörhead, and the energy of Discharge, Wraith, GBH and the UK Sub.  

Released with no major backing, Fat Cat should be available digitally and on CD, with hopes for a vinyl release in the future. It’s a blistering piece of work, but one that is well worth a listen if you like your music teetering on the boundaries of ‘out of control’.  

Coming Soon via BandCamp and Streaming Services

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