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ukthrashers – Black City Records

Not quite a normal podcast, blended with not quite a ukthrashers guide to… this week Jon caught up with brand new Bristol Heavy Metal Record Shop ‘Black City Records’ And chat about setting up a new store in the heart of Bristols metal scene….… Continue Reading “ukthrashers – Black City Records”

ukthrashers – Bloodmores

We are back in the virtual studio with another hour and a bit of chat and thrash This weeks guests are Bloodmores, who’s new album ’To Close To The Sun’ is out today, and as well as the normal chat we do a run… Continue Reading “ukthrashers – Bloodmores”

Angelus Apatrida – Angelus Apatrida

Euan takes a listen to the new album by Spanish Thrash Kings, Angelus Apatrida, here’s what he thinks- Spanish Thrash legend, Angelus Apatrida are back, with their seventh and self titled new album. This is Angelus Apatrida’s (AA) first record in three years since… Continue Reading “Angelus Apatrida – Angelus Apatrida”

Detritus – Myths

Paul Hutchings reviews the comeback album from Bristol Prog thrashers Detritus here’s what he thinks I admit that Detritus completely passed me by on their first run…. Formed in Bristol in 1989 from Christian metal outfit Seventh Angel, the band supported the likes of… Continue Reading “Detritus – Myths”

Beyond Your Design – Gods and Men

The first single in a drip feed of releases which are coming over the next few months, Gods and Men sees the Midlands quartet pin their influences squarely to the mast with a single that contains enough jagged edges to warrant a health warning.  With a classic Trivium/BFMV feel,… Continue Reading “Beyond Your Design – Gods and Men”

Green Mantis – Kill The Plague

Blackened Thrash Metal has become one of Thrash’s more popular hybrids over recent years. With bands such as Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch, Aura Noir and Witchery bringing it to prominence in the 2000’s, it has slowly influenced many bands to carry on in a similar vein.… Continue Reading “Green Mantis – Kill The Plague”

Trapped in Purgatory – Damned Nation

Here’s a great way to start 2021, a brand-new UK Thrash album, Trapped in Purgatory’s “Damned Nation”, is a fine slab of prime metal and just the way to shrug off those January blues. As I mentioned in my review of the December single… Continue Reading “Trapped in Purgatory – Damned Nation”

BioWarfare – Wiping Out Human Race

Euan unleashes BioWarfare…. will he succeed in wiping out (the) Human Race with these Chilean Thrashers? The albums wastes no time getting to the good stuff. ‘Human Waste’ fires in with the timeless method of one guitar riffing while the rest of the band… Continue Reading “BioWarfare – Wiping Out Human Race”

Series 2 Xmas Party

WARNING NSFWLets just get this out the way… the episode is NSFW!! Way to many drinks, sleeping frontmen, ginger abuse, furry jibes, donkey cocks and way to much swearings…. if you are easily offended, please don’t listen!! We had guest frontmen from Blacklist, Militia,… Continue Reading “Series 2 Xmas Party”

Fullminator – Omniplasm

Our man Frank Holby, straps on his warp core and heads into the Omniplasm! Let’s face it, one way or another 2020 has been a terrible year for most of us. Sometimes something comes along that puts a smile on your face. Fullminator has… Continue Reading “Fullminator – Omniplasm”