Celestial Sanctuary – Soul Diminished

Neil Bolton, cranks up the UK Death Metal with the new album from Celestial Sanctuary

U.K. blackened N.W.B.D.M. band Celestial Sanctuary have released an album of dark, nasty, haunting songs. These are songs to accompany the burning of effigies of Gods old and new along with sacrificing the occasional willing virgin also. The opening track blasts into view with dark riff and darker death metal vocals. Speed and aggression shine through showing there is a lot more than just a blast beat to keep the interest of the listener. In fact this modern take on the traditional theme have been entertaining listeners since 2019. Their “Mass Extinction” demo has sold out several times giving them the impetus to record a nine track brute of an album to corrupt the metal world a little further.

Track two immediately lets you know this band can do doom, and do it well. The slow riff has a knuckle dragging feel, once more fitting well with the concept of the music. The tunes speeds up a little but always keeps the blood soaked atmosphere close to hand. That is a very enjoyable crunch that these guys deliver.

Delving further into the album we find more variety of speed and slow creeping tunes that can cause images of fear in the brain. There certainly is more than a hint of doom seeping through “Soul Diminished’s” black metal veins, mixing well with the more modern sound. There is also a sound of the classic death metal album you might well hold close to your blackened heart.

Celestial Sanctuary have quite a lot going on in their musical locker and this is a very impressive debut release from a filthy U.K. death metal band.

Soul Diminished will be released on Redefining Darkness & Church Road Records on March 26th 2021 and available to pre-order via Celestial Sanctuary BandCamp Page HERE

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