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Vesicarum –Great Decay (Single)

We can always count on Paul Hutchings to turn around a review in record time for us, as he checks out the first single from the upcoming new album due in the summer… My first exposure to Vesicarum, a five-piece from Kent whose style… Continue Reading “Vesicarum –Great Decay (Single)”

Iniquity – Five Across The Eyes Re-Issue

Asa takes a deep dive into the reissue of classic DM from Denmark.. Iniquity are, or I guess WERE, a Technical Death Metal band from Copenhagen, Denmark that formed in 1989 and then split up and got back together more times than that annoying… Continue Reading “Iniquity – Five Across The Eyes Re-Issue”

Memoriam – To the End

Neil Bolton, grabs onto something stable as he unleashes the new album by the UK Death Metal legends that make up Memoriam! Well its a good job I am sat here at my lap top as I listen to Memoriam’s new album “To The… Continue Reading “Memoriam – To the End”

The Crown –Royal Destroyer

Paul Hutchings checks out the new release from Swedish Death Metal warriors.. The Crown Having formed in 1990 as Crown of Thorns, the band became The Crown in 1998, and apart from a break from 2004-09, have delivered high quality death metal for many years. … Continue Reading “The Crown –Royal Destroyer”

Bloodmores –Too Close to the Sun

Paul Hutchings comes over all Icarus and flies towards the big shiny thing in the sky… will his wings melt before his ears as he checks out the upcoming new album from Bloodmores! Great Harwood isn’t somewhere I was able to point to on… Continue Reading “Bloodmores –Too Close to the Sun”

Coffin Mulch – Septic Funeral

Euan takes a listen to the debut album by the Glasgow Death Metallers! Glasgow based death metal newcomers, ‘Coffin Mulch’, unleash their debut EP, ‘Septic Funeral’ on Friday 26th February. From the opening 5 seconds, we are greeted to the familiar and always welcomed… Continue Reading “Coffin Mulch – Septic Funeral”

Celestial Sanctuary – Soul Diminished

Neil Bolton, cranks up the UK Death Metal with the new album from Celestial Sanctuary U.K. blackened N.W.B.D.M. band Celestial Sanctuary have released an album of dark, nasty, haunting songs. These are songs to accompany the burning of effigies of Gods old and new… Continue Reading “Celestial Sanctuary – Soul Diminished”

Insect Inside – The First Shining of New Genus

Chris Cleo heads to Russia for the latest offering in Brutal Death Metal With a full length album set to release in mid-February, Insect Inside step forward to once again prove that brutal death metal is one of Russia’s main exports.  An intro and… Continue Reading “Insect Inside – The First Shining of New Genus”

This is Turin – T.U.R.I.N.

Within seconds of Misery bludgeoning my grey matter, I knew that I’d taken a wrong turn down the wrong alley on a dark night. Only one option, grit teeth and plough my way through. That may be a bit overdramatic, but such is the… Continue Reading “This is Turin – T.U.R.I.N.”

Memoriam – Onwards into Battle

It’s a good day when you hear that one of your favourite bands announces that they’ve got a new album coming out, Memoriam (formed in 2017 as both a tribute and a form of catharsis, and also celebrating the life, of Bolt Thrower drummer… Continue Reading “Memoriam – Onwards into Battle”