Coffin Mulch – Septic Funeral

Euan takes a listen to the debut album by the Glasgow Death Metallers!

Glasgow based death metal newcomers, ‘Coffin Mulch’, unleash their debut EP, ‘Septic Funeral’ on Friday 26th February. From the opening 5 seconds, we are greeted to the familiar and always welcomed metalzone guitar tone.

It’s clear from the get-go that we’re in for some filthy Swedish style death metal. The opening title track is a sludging menace, dragging the listener through a brutal pit of musical torment, before blasting into the much faster second track, ‘Black Liquefaction’. This track has the stomping punky skank beat drumming with a spicy sprinkling of blast beats. The haunting vocals are in the forefront for creating the overall horror vibes of the EP. The use of phasing and reverb really compliment the disgustingly delicious guitar tone.

The short but deadly assault from the next track, Live Again, doesn’t allow any respite from the death metal attack that Coffin Mulch keep delivering. The blast beats are in full force here but they never feel over done and are always human. There’s very little, if any, studio tampering in the drumming. It’s all real and it’s all killer. Onward To Death, arguably the record’s highlight, has it all. A ravenous opening groove, classic death metal tremolo thrashing, crushing mid tempo verses, a slamming midsection & finally a chaotic guitar solo. Coffin Mulch are pulling out all of the deadly tools in their extreme metal arsenal, here.

Despite being under 50 seconds long, Carnivorous Subjugation is probably the most fun song on the album. I appreciate the quirkiness of having such a short song but this was really leaving me wanting more. Which I guess was the point, so well done CM, and thanks for the blue balls.

The closing track, and the bands title track, takes all of the rotten and filthy ingredients displayed across the record, and gives the listener a final punishment. The drumming is at its most impressive here, both from a technical standpoint but the fills and grooves are the most ear catching, at least from another drummers perspective. The guitar solo is straight out of Left Hand Path, a clever little nod to CM’s influences.

This EP clocks in at around 20 minutes, which is a shame to be so short an affair, but if you like your death metal raw and filthy then this EP is right up your street, and a fine effort from Coffin Mulch

Available from February the 26th February and for Pre-Order on the the bands BandCamp HERE or if you can’t wait, go and check out the early stream on Decibel Magazine HERE

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