Review – Unmaker – Limb from Limb

Hutch checks out a brand new (to us) band from Ireland, and their debut album, here’s what he thinks!!

They are new, but their intentions are clear. Unmaker pull through their influences and proudly wear them on their sleeve whilst unleashing a thrash battery that should get most who read these pages a little excited.  

Formed in Dublin between 2019 -2021, there’s a genuine enthusiasm that ripples through this eight-track release. The riffs are savage, the groove uncompromising, and the driving power unrelenting. It’s not going to win prizes for originality, with the band taking their lead from the likes of Slayer, Sodom, Kreator, Sepultura and even Pantera, but there’s a decent quality and honesty in the delivery that maintains the interest.  

Very little messing around at the start means full in your face action immediately and it’s a solid start to the album. To War is the ideal opener, with high-tempo drumming, lacerating guitar work and the gravel throated roar of Aaron Gilbert combining in a raging aural fist ready to crush. It’s a pacy start and you’ll be nodding along as the thrash pours forth.  

The pace changes significantly on Drop Dead, a slower, brooding track that relies on atmosphere and feel to bring the heavy. Gilbert appears to be channelling his best Randy Blythe here but that’s no bad thing and it works well. It’s followed by the title track which seems to take its intro from Parkway Drive’s Sleepwalker. It’s a bruiser of a song, big on the low end, chunky riffs and snarling vocals combining to bring a visceral, semi-punk tinged thrasher that expands into a chugging groove. 

Control is next, and its one of the weaker songs so far. It does breakdown into a splendid solo and Sean Fox proves his worth here. Point Break begins in much less frenetic style, developing into a progressive instrumental, which appears to be broken down into two parts. It’s a bold move, but it works thanks in part to the searing solo that rips out of the speakers at the four-minute mark. 

Any semblance of calm is blown away by the explosive Rise, with Gilbert giving it his all. This is followed by another groove-soaked beast in False Disciple, a real powerhouse of a track that’ll be sure to get the pit moving. And then we are at the final song, Breathe. It’s a solid song which has some subtle synths which really work. In fact, this is one of the best songs on the album, only spoilt by a fade that’ll irritate some.  

Overall, this is a well delivered, well produced debut that Unmaker should be rightly pleased to have their name on. If I have a gripe, it’s the overuse of the pinched harmonics which seem to appear on virtually every track. But if you can get past this, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t, then Limb from Limb is a very enjoyable, muscular release. Live, I would expect these boys to bring carnage, and that sound good to me.  

Unmaker – Limb From Limb is out everywhere tomorrow (May 12th 2023) via BANDCAMP and the normal streaming services

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