Review – Madicide – Tommy Knockers (Single)

Hutch checks out the latest release from his fellow countrymen…

Neath’s finest Madicide are at it again with their new single Tommy Knockers. The band, who are of course MTRO 3 alumni have been somewhat sporadic on the new music front but this single which drops on 22 April should sate the appetite of those wanting something new. 

A driving groove underpins Tommy Knockers, with the thumping drumming of Jack Willaims anchoring everything. It’s a track that has a bit of everything, sitting more towards the groove metal of Pantera than a true thrasher, and it’s even got the darkness of Type O Negative mid-section which is a chilling yet excellent twist. As always with Madicide, the guitars are crisp, with lead man Ian Woolfe letting loose with some neatly crafted bluesy solos.  

Nicely crafted, the tempo builds from the start, the changes of pace welcomed and crafted with care. Ceri Roberts has always been a clean vocalist and his vocals are one of many high points here. His delivery is spot on. There’s a bit of gang chant choruses, and overall, it’s an infectious track that’ll be well celebrated during its launch at The Duke in Neath.

Pre Save Tommy Knockers NOW and listen on the 22nd April

And join the lads at the Neath Pub Rock Festival for Single Launch on the 22nd April 23

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