Review – Hellfekted – Death of Iron (Single)

Hutch reviews the upcoming single from our mates in Hellfekted…

It’s been a year of some magnitude for Hellfekted. For anyone in the New Blood stage on Friday 10th August at 10:30, the “morning mosh” was surely one of the highlights of the entire festival. They stormed the Coalville metal invasion, ripped up Hammerfest, tore a hole at Uprising and by the time this single drops, they’ll have roared their way through the Manorfest North event as well. 

Quite a year then, but although their snarling, visceral live shows are where they flourish, songs are also needed to provide the ammunition. As any self-respecting thrasher will know, ‘Death of Iron’ was the track that opened the third volume of ‘Moshin the Roof On’, so many of us will be familiar with the sheer bruising nature of this song. We’ve danced, we’ve moshed, we’ve shaken our heads to it.  But now we get to have it in the earholes 24-7. And it’s just a majestic, bludgeoning track that gets better on every listen. 

The striking of iron throughout the track is a masterstroke and adds to the atmosphere. The almost oriental intro of the dual guitar riff gives way to an irresistible urge to rage. The song kicks in, the vocals roar, and the power engulfs. It’s a smouldering beast rather than a frantic high tempo, but the riff is simply brutal. Precision drumming nails everything down tight, the audio clips add to the overall feel and the way in which is slowly builds into a massive chugging monster just works on every level. If this song doesn’t get you itching to grab a beer and lose your shit, then you’ll be on the wrong site here. Put simply, Death of Iron is one of the best songs of 2022, and I for one am desperate for Hellfekted to push on and power into 2023 with the same bullish charm that they have delivered this year. Come get some. It’ll purge your soul.

Out on November the 4th so Pre Save NOW

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