Review – Overpower – Overpower(EP)

South West Crossover Thrashers Overpower drop their self titled EP today and this 5 tracker is a full on round kick to the face!

The crossover genre pigeonhole, is a bulging pocket offerings, and with the increased visibility and interest within the metal community of bands like Malevolence its a great time to improve those hardcore influences with some extra THRASH!

Overpower 2022

And that’s exactly what Overpower have done, the tracks on this EP stick a whole range of influences into the music blender, traditional metal, thrash, hardcore, all get a look in, as the band smash in some brutal riffs, killer breakdowns and I may even throw in a little two step into my mosh pit dad dancing!

Straight from pressing play, you know you are going to be in for a good time, even if its not a long time – The first to tracks – ‘Suffocation’ and ‘Under The Knife’ have already been released as the two singles in the lead up to release (along with a cracking video for Under The Knife – see below) so hopefully you already been teased enough to want to check out the other 3 tracks…

Next up is ‘Dead Alive’ which is possibly my favourite track of the bunch, which makes me pull that OOOOOOuuuFFF face every singletime, ‘Visions Of Slaughter’ feels like its a bit slower, and somehow heavier than the other songs and is a stomping, stalking brute, and then the EP finishes way to quickly with ‘The Ending Begins’ as we sharpen our knives and head off to battle!

This is a thoroughly enjoyable offering from the band, and I’ve been playing repeatedly since they sent it over… If you like bands like Power Trip, Inhuman Nature, Cage Fight, Malevolence or Lionheart, then this release will touch all the buttons, Available now in all the normal streaming places.. like SPOTIFY and Cassettes available via Nuclear Family Records

Go and get some MERCH from their Big Cartel, and catch them live if you can!


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