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ukthrashers – Evile

In this weeks episode we catch up with returning UK thrash kings Evile, we chatted with Ol and Adam about the reformed line up, vocal and style of the new album,  and all the stuff you’d expect On Moshin’ The Roof On Volume 2… Continue Reading “ukthrashers – Evile”

ukthrashers guide to… Mercenary press

In our Second ‘ukthrashers guide to…’ we catch up with Inhuman Nature vocalist to chat about his new record label and distribution company ‘Mercenary Press’ We have a good old geeky chat about cassettes, merch and music, his first release from Sadistic Force and… Continue Reading “ukthrashers guide to… Mercenary press”

ukthrashers – Acid Age

We are back with Belfast Thrashers Acid Age, talking all things about the NI Scene, motorway breakdowns, warrjazz as well as their new album Semper Pessimus… We have music from –  Acid Age – Shotgun In Your Mouth Mortal Backlash – Leaders Of The… Continue Reading “ukthrashers – Acid Age”

ukthrashers guide to… The Tanking

In the first of our brand new podcast series we go behind the ‘scenes’ of the UK music industry and meet the new festival kids on the block – the two Daves.. er Mikes, organisers of the Tanking Festival We talk about putting on… Continue Reading “ukthrashers guide to… The Tanking”

Series 3 Episode 5 – Elyrean

We catch up with Asa from Staffordshire technical Thrashers Elyrean, and chat about the band, influences, changes in band direction (yes…Ultra Violence), new material and loads more We also have music from Bangover – Floss Or Die Halberd – Force Fed Lies Elyrean –… Continue Reading “Series 3 Episode 5 – Elyrean”

Series 3 Episode 4 – Detritus

In another jam packed episode our new Interviewer Jon Hoare catches up with Bristol Thrashers Detritus, who return from the studio 30 years later with a new album ‘Myths’ We play music from Detritus – No Mercy Liverpool Prog Thrashers Reaper – Flight CST… Continue Reading “Series 3 Episode 4 – Detritus”

Series 3 Episode 2 – Thrashsquatch

Back again for some more music and interviews from the thrash cave This week we have Chesterfields Thrashsquatch in the studio, we talk local scene, elitist band members, burlesque dancers, bad timing terminator and loads more. We have music from the band with ‘Thrash… Continue Reading “Series 3 Episode 2 – Thrashsquatch”

Series 3 Episode 1 – Trapped In Purgatory

Welcome Back to Series 3! This week in the virtual studio we have Chris & Jon from Trapped In Purgatory, a new old school thrash band with a ton of heritage in the Bristol Thrash scene as ‘Purgatory’ and with ex-members of Fourwaykill &… Continue Reading “Series 3 Episode 1 – Trapped In Purgatory”

Boxing Day Special Podcast

In this monster episode, we fill your ears with post xmas turkey chat about thrash! We catch up with our mates Carl & Robbie from ‘The Thrash Metal Album Of The Fortnight Club’ and talk about the club, the thrash of the titans feature,… Continue Reading “Boxing Day Special Podcast”

Series 2 Xmas Party

WARNING NSFWLets just get this out the way… the episode is NSFW!! Way to many drinks, sleeping frontmen, ginger abuse, furry jibes, donkey cocks and way to much swearings…. if you are easily offended, please don’t listen!! We had guest frontmen from Blacklist, Militia,… Continue Reading “Series 2 Xmas Party”