ukthrashers guide to… Mercenary press

In our Second ‘ukthrashers guide to…’ we catch up with Inhuman Nature vocalist to chat about his new record label and distribution company ‘Mercenary Press’

We have a good old geeky chat about cassettes, merch and music, his first release from Sadistic Force and talk about his DIY ethos of fanzines, record label and music.

Check out Mercenary Press Big Cartel for the zine, merch and releases

or BandCamp

Available in moving pictures below, or on your favourite podcast platform.

ukthrashers – Acid Age

We are back with Belfast Thrashers Acid Age, talking all things about the NI Scene, motorway breakdowns, warrjazz as well as their new album Semper Pessimus…

We have music from –  Acid Age – Shotgun In Your Mouth

Mortal Backlash – Leaders Of The Lie

Acid Age – Slave Girl

Scimitar – Behead The Beast

Sadistic Force (USA) – Billion Dollar Sadist

ukthrashers guide to… The Tanking

In the first of our brand new podcast series we go behind the ‘scenes’ of the UK music industry and meet the new festival kids on the block – the two Daves.. er Mikes, organisers of the Tanking Festival

We talk about putting on a festival during Covid Restrictions for 50 friends and fans, and look forward to the 2022 line up featuring UK thrash heavy weights Acid Reign, as well as a ton of bands we have interviewed including Damnation’s Hammer, Ashen Crown, Tortured Demon and Steel Mage as well as a ton of other great bands including Senser and Footprints in The Custard

We find out what its like to try and start a festival, and chat about loads of other stuff from the wider uk scene, and tales from fields and festivals.

Check out their website – or find them on Facebook –

Check it out below, or head over to iTunes/spotify

Series 3 Episode 5 – Elyrean

We catch up with Asa from Staffordshire technical Thrashers Elyrean, and chat about the band, influences, changes in band direction (yes…Ultra Violence), new material and loads more

We also have music from

Bangover – Floss Or Die

Halberd – Force Fed Lies

Elyrean – Distorted Reality

Stone Hand – Decay

We’re back next week with a trip to Nottingham as we interview Ambient Black Metal Band Wolvencrown and Lancashires Damnations Hammer

Series 3 Episode 4 – Detritus

In another jam packed episode our new Interviewer Jon Hoare catches up with Bristol Thrashers Detritus, who return from the studio 30 years later with a new album ‘Myths’

We play music from Detritus – No Mercy

Liverpool Prog Thrashers Reaper – Flight

CST Kings Tempered – Monotonous

Detritus – Bright Black

Canadian beats from Hyperia – Evil Insanity

finishing the show with Manchesters, Beyond Salvation – Omen

See you next time for Cannock Blackened Thrashers – Elyrean!

Series 3 Episode 2 – Thrashsquatch

Back again for some more music and interviews from the thrash cave

This week we have Chesterfields Thrashsquatch in the studio, we talk local scene, elitist band members, burlesque dancers, bad timing terminator and loads more.

We have music from the band with ‘Thrash Till Death’ and ‘Hostile Force’

Welsh Interplanetary warlords Incursion and ‘Scourge’

Our International band comes from Berlin in the form of Exa with their new single ‘Death Is Coming’.  Some Death Metal from Mordhau with ‘Pig Society’ and finishing with ‘Redeye Revival’ and Ruthless Rampage

Listen on :-

Spotify –

Apple Podcast –

Series 3 Episode 1 – Trapped In Purgatory

Welcome Back to Series 3!

This week in the virtual studio we have Chris & Jon from Trapped In Purgatory, a new old school thrash band with a ton of heritage in the Bristol Thrash scene as ‘Purgatory’ and with ex-members of Fourwaykill & Mercury Rain.

We’ve got music from –

Trapped In Purgatory with their launch single ‘Demonicide’ and exclusive first play of album track ‘Patient Zero’

NE metallers Kilonova and ‘Immortal’

Oldhams Tortured Demon and new Single ‘A Knee To The Face Of Corruption’

FirstStrike USA and Ripped To Shreds

and Sawticide ‘If It Bleeds…’

Join us next week for our chat with Thrashsquatch! and loads more great Thrash Metal!!

Boxing Day Special Podcast

In this monster episode, we fill your ears with post xmas turkey chat about thrash!

We catch up with our mates Carl & Robbie from ‘The Thrash Metal Album Of The Fortnight Club’ and talk about the club, the thrash of the titans feature, the UK scene, their Top 5 lists, Moshin’ The Roof On, tours, gigs and loads of music….

We also play music from

Madicide – Death March

Elimination. -In The Name Of Violence

Hellripper – From Hell

Thrashsquatch! – Head Transplant

Inhuman Nature – Taste of Steel

Series 2 Xmas Party

Lets just get this out the way… the episode is NSFW!!

Way to many drinks, sleeping frontmen, ginger abuse, furry jibes, donkey cocks and way to much swearings…. if you are easily offended, please don’t listen!!

We had guest frontmen from Blacklist, Militia, Thrasherwolf and Hellfekted, we got a bit drunk, abusive and in our heads we were funny… sorry Mum!!

There’s also music from all the 4 bands listed

Happy Christmas to everyone, thanks for all the support to the show in 2020!


Series 2 Episode 26 – Hellripper

All Hail The Goat! we are back for episode 26!!

In another jam packed episode we catch up with Mr Hellripper himself James McBain, and chat all things Hellripper, Peaceville, DIY music and end of year lists.  

We’ve got music from   Hellfekted- Methods Of Destruction (that we teased last week) Hellripper – Total Mayhem Sidewinder – Ashes Of Reality Dead Before Mourning – The Whip  

Intro/outro and segment Music courtesy of Hellfekted- Archaic Demise

Series 2 Episode 26 – Hellripper