News – Moshin’ The Roof On

Yes… reviewing your own compilation is pretty crass!! But we wanted a little something on the site to celebrate yesterdays launch. So we asked Dave Marlow to review the Double Album for us.

Now if you don’t know Dave.. or Wiggy as he is often known, he pretty much single handedly keeps bands in business through Merch sales, physical purchases and sharing his pictures of merch and tagging bands on his socials… that’s a Grade A+ underground music fan right there!!

So we gave Wiggy early access to MTRO v3, and here is what he thought….

I am not naturally a reviewer of anything, but, I have had the privilege of hearing Moshin’ The Roof On Vol. 3 a week early, and I’m here to share my thoughts on it.

UK Thrashers and 30 bands are back to loudly combat homelessness, and, raise money for Shelter. Yes, 30 bands have donated tracks to this compilation, and many of them are exclusive/advanced tracks that you won’t hear anywhere else for a while. 

While the double album contains an ample sufficiency of the best  Thrash Metal from the UK underground scene, it’s not all about Thrash, other metal genres are sprinkled in. From the ‘other’ category a couple of the stand out tracks for come from Gutlocker, which is brilliantly in your face, and, the heavy grooves from Scarred By Truth, which are a joy!

Hellfekted – MTRO v3 Launch Party Courtesy of Acid Dolka

On to the Thrash! Disc one starts with tracks from the tri-fecta of Hellfekted, Blacklist and Thrasherwolf, and, they don’t disappoint! Then, the riffs keep coming, all the bands smashing it! There’s even an instrumental from Acid For Blood, which totally rocks! Closing out disc one are the awesome Tempashot,  while, I understand that the vocal delivery is not everyones cup of tea, I think it’s great to see a band doing their own thing.

Disc two starts of with the thrashtastic Helgrind doing what they do best…..being epic! The music continues at a pace. Riptide bring some big riffs, and, Chimp In A Box bring a real earworm to the party, in a good way!

By the time the last three tracks, provided by Devastator, Imperium and, Elimination gloriously bring proceedings to an end,  I get the urge to play the whole thing again!

Imperium – MTRO v3 Launch Party Courtesy of Acid Dolka

All 30 bands smash it out of the park, for me this is a must have album. So, treat your ears, and help out a very good cause and buy a copy of Moshin’ The Roof On Vol.3 available from the UK Thrashers bandcamp page…………if you’re feeling flush, there’s some awesome merch, too! 

Thanks to Wiggy from us at UK Thrashers, and all the bands he supports every payday!!

If you haven’t already pick up MTRO v3 (or 2 as we have a few CD’s left) on our BandCamp Page HERE

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