Review – Inhuman Nature – Under The Boot (EP)

The Inhuman Nature lads are back at it again with their new breed of crossover, taking thrash and punk and mixing with a large dollop of NWOBHM.

Since their self titled album surfaced in 2019, the boys have continued the assault with a split with Road Mutant as well as a splattering of singles and gigs. ‘Under The Boot’ picks up the story nicely with three banging tracks that remind us why Inhuman Nature are a force to be reckoned with in the UK underground and garner such popularity in Europe and beyond.

From opener ‘City Of The Dead’ through the title track and finishing with ‘Ride The Apocalypse’ this EP is filled with power, and the recording, mixing and mastering carried out by James Atkinson at Leeds Slaughterhouse allows the tracks to really breath, there’s still the all out assault of riffs and pounding backline, complemented with Chris’s vocal rasp and spite, but there is a new atmospheric feel that weaves within the tracks and really brings them to life and elevates the tracks from those that have proceeded them.

The lads have a European tour planned for later this year, and we hope they are heading into the studio to carry on this forward momentum again soon!

‘Under The Boot’ is Out on the 11th February via Church Records or via Bandcamp, and pick yourself up a very tasty long sleeve Tee at the same time!!

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