Misfire – Sympathy For The Ignorant

Way back in 2004 at the age of 13 and 14 drummer James Nicademus and Guitarist/Vocalist Jay Johnson formed the thrash metal band Diamond Plate. In 2007 Jay left that band and has since released multiple solo projects. Diamond Plate went on to be signed to Earache Records for 2 albums and played tours and shows with heavyweights such as Overkill, Death Angel, Testament, Megadeth, D.R.I. and many more. Fast forward to 2018.  James Nicademus, Tommy Denniger of End of Sanity, and Sean Coogan of Vitrial formed Misfire. Shortly after Tommy decided to follow a different path so James called the only man for the job. His old friend Jay Johnson.  A decision that would ultimately solidify Misfires line up. Misfire have since opened for Iron Regan, Sacred Reich, and more.

This is the Chicago locals debut album, entitled “Sympathy for the Ignorant” and Jesus, Mary and The Little Donkey it’s a full on raging boner of modern thrash, from the outset this doesn’t let up, it’s an in your face, aggressive, hardcore tinged headbang fest of goodness…

I honestly could rage about this album all day, this is what I want from a thrash album, it is jam packed with huge riff filled choruses, gang vocals, slowed down pit inducing bits that bounce your head against a concrete floor until it becomes a pleasure.

The chugging guitars, face melting drums and hardcore tinged vocals is killer, the time changes, the groove, the energy, everything about this makes me want to slam down a 6 pack and destroy some fuckers in a moshpit!

I’m not going to do a blow by blow account of the tracks, as the whole album is already on YouTube a day early… do yourself a favour and just go and listen to it…

Misfire – Sympathy For The Ignorant is out via Fractured Studios/Self Released 1st May 2021

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