Luna In Sanguinem – Global Bloodbath

Paul Hutchings gets his death metal head on, and dips into the new EP from Luna In Sanguinem

Strap yourself in and make sure that crash helmet is secure, for this debut EP from US monsters Luna In Sanguinem is as ferocious as they come. 29 minutes of pure brutality lurks with malevolent intent in this five track EP. It’s the kind of music you put on to end arguments with neighbours. One blast of this through a solid sound system and that annoying couple with the hot tub will never step outside again, such is the force with which Global Bloodbath hits.

There’s a pedigree lurking under the rotten skin which is evident in the onslaught which is produced. Lead vocalist Skip McGullam and guitarist Mike Eisenhauer both did time in legendary death thrash outfit Num Skull in the late 80s and early 90s. The two are joined by Rod Valdez – Bass and Patt Maxwell – Drums/Vocals. The four of them produce a gargantuan roar as the opening track Hunter Killer gets going. This is an armoured t-rex bristling with multiple canons, a king amongst predators and the ideal way to hook the listener in (unless you are the neighbour who can just do one anyway).

Luna In Sanguinem

The Illinois outfit maintain the tempo on the eight-minute neck snapper Killed By the Dead Hand which is a relentless barrage of punishment. Ironically, there’s also a track called Perfect Neighbor,
which has an opium coated thrash chug; one taste and you’re back for more. The band’s themes are transparent. Aggressive violence is the name of the game, but you tell the PMRC (do they even
exist anymore?) that this doesn’t make me want to kill anyone, merely bang my head. Regardless, the final two songs, Angel Wings and the slightly sludgy Far From the Light both grip hard, with a riffage count that is off the scale. It’s Compelling stuff and whilst Global Bloodbath is far more Death than Thrash, it still hurts in all the right places.

Fans of Obituary, Slayer and Asphyx should be happy to dine at this table. And that is always a good thing, isn’t it.

Global Bloodbath is released October 2020

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