Review – In Which it Burns – Consume. Kill. Repeat

Hutch reviews the new album by Welsh metalhead and Moshin’ The Roof On contributors, In Which It Burns..

It has been festering for a good while. All through the pandemic and beyond. It can be restrained no longer. It has travelled far, experienced much hardship and adversity. Now it emerges, sinews twitching, muscles flexing, sweat dripping and possessed with a rage that drives it forward, never sleeping, fervent in pursuit of one sole goal. The release is necessary, demanded, essential.  

A gentle acoustic introduction sets the scene. It’s a deliciously played piece of semi-Spanish flamenco style guitar. That tranquillity is shattered by the bruising riffing that cascades down. Yes, Haverfordwest groove bastards In Which it Burns are back with their sophomore release, Consume. Kill Repeat. Two years since they delivered Silence the Nothing, IWIB have taken up a filthy, aggressive, and powerful position. Their sound is gnarly, the thrash elements now tripping into death metal with ease. Once Peaceful Minds Now Slaughter opens the onslaught. It’s visceral and punishing.  

The band has regrouped, changed line-up with the current personnel Wayne ‘Stretch’ Mayhew (guitars/vocals), Steve Flynn – lead guitar, Dean Hopson – drums & percussion and Ian ‘Squid’ Jennings on bass. They have emerged with a relentless intensity and a passion that not even the biggest storm off the West Coast of Wales can quell. IWIB can do it all. There is no better example of the total aural assault that they conjure than on Dead and Rotting, which is underpinned by their now trademark groove, but also with a brooding darkness that permeates their music. Stretch is angry and how it shows!  

The sledgehammer approach continues. It is concrete breaking stuff with the rhythm section totally in harmony, allowing Flynn to deliver some blistering lead breaks. Stretch meanwhile has honed his vocals to even more aggressive intensity; he snarls, he roars, he growls, he screams. It works. Things slowdown in tempo but not intensity on Lies for War, which chugs with a purpose and drive that is unrelenting 

There are some familiar beasts lurking here. How Became the Rulers is an old friend, whilst Hands That Cup the Blood of Innocence returns to make a second appearance having already featured on Silence the Nothing. Curious addition, but one that cannot be discounted for it is a bruiser of a track and one that is welcomed back with open arms.  

Overall, IWIB continue to deliver their high quality, quite unique style of metal. They are six years into their journey, and one can only hope that the trajectory continues. This is an album to spend time with, to immerse oneself in and to slam around the room to. Check it out and give the West Wales boys some deserved love.  

Consume. Kill. Repeat is out this Friday… pre save now – PRE-SAVE

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