Devastator – Baptised in Blasphemy

Derbyshire Blackened Speed Thrashers @devastatoruk release their debut album ‘Baptised In Blasphemy’ on the 10th July via @clobberrecords

We’ve been lucky enough to of been sent an advanced copy for review so here goes!! Imagine a band that blends the groove of Motorhead, the early thrash of Venom, Hellhammer and Bathory, and adds a twist of 90’s Death Metal and a sprinkling of NWOBHM, well there’s no need to imagine it, as the sophomore Devastator Album is all of that and much more!

Tearing straight out of the speakers from the offset the satanic speedsters tear into ‘Howling Nights’ a dark rocker that has a groove and rhythm that grabs you from the off, without even a pause for a backwards message we plunge into ‘Worship The Goat’ which picks up the tempo with what wil be a moshpit inducing anthem for the band!

The barrage maintains pace, with its Lo-Fi but powerful production, songs ‘Hail Death’ ‘Send Them To hell’ & ‘Death Slut’ continue the satanic themed incantations, with dark guttural but clear vocals, pounding death drums and riff and rhythms in spades, ‘Spiritual Warfare’ and title track ‘Baptised In Blasphemy’ don’t hold back and close this short but sweet no nonsense album!

In an era where genres and sub-genres splinter into minutia, Devastator are a refreshing return to what is great about music, a massively enjoyable, modern take on ‘Metal’ it’s that pure and simple, this takes us back to a time when we could flip between thrash, speed, punk, metal and death albums without the baggage.

Turn It up loud and Invite the Vicar for Tea ….It’s Time to Hail The Goat! 🐐

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