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Raider – Guardian of the Fire

Reviewer John MacLachlan So here we have Canadian band Raider with their 2020 release “Guardian Of the Fire”. First thing’s first. GO BUY THIS ALBUM!!! Right out of the gate, opening track “Bound by no Fate” and you are hit with the sheer size… Continue Reading “Raider – Guardian of the Fire”

Sidewinder – Ashes of Reality

Reviewer – Lee Fitzpatrick Here we have Sidewinder. No; not the dreadful 90’s indie pop band from Australia, but working class blackened crossover from Leeds, right in dear ok’ Blighty. Blackened crossover is not a term you here often is the overstuffed pigeon holes… Continue Reading “Sidewinder – Ashes of Reality”

Bloodvale – Lobotomy

Released 15/07/2020 Whilst we are of course a UK thrash focussed site, we listen and enjoy thrash from all over the world, along with North America, Germany has a strong thrash heritage, with the Teutonic monsters of Kreator, Sodom, Destruction & Tankard through to… Continue Reading “Bloodvale – Lobotomy”

Onslaught – Generation Antichrist Review

Many a Thrash bands career or popularity has been made or broken by its vocalist, so when Onslaught announced that Sy Keeler was once again leaving the band a sharp intake of breath from Onslaught fans worldwide was felt. Now this isn’t the first… Continue Reading “Onslaught – Generation Antichrist Review”

Thrasherwolf – Vortex

We posted a pre-save link to this yesterday on instagram, and today one of our new reviewers Lee took a listen here’s his opinion on the new single Vortex from @thrasherwolfofficial coming out on July 17th Thrasherwolf -Vortex Everyone who has the hard task of knowing… Continue Reading “Thrasherwolf – Vortex”

utilitarian – Fight War, Not Wars; Destroy Power, Not People

This has been out a little while but passed us by – proceeds of the album have gone towards @sheltercharity As you know a charity that we are supporters of! @utilitarianband – Fight War, Not Wars; Destroy Power, Not People Utilitarian an angry and… Continue Reading “utilitarian – Fight War, Not Wars; Destroy Power, Not People”

Militia – sacrifice

The Militia lads featured on our Moshin’ The Roof On, and donated their, at the time, only recorded track ‘Panzer Charge’ Although pretty rough around the edges, the track gained many statements of interest, so we were looking forward to seeing what these youngsters… Continue Reading “Militia – sacrifice”

Devastator – Baptised in Blasphemy

Derbyshire Blackened Speed Thrashers @devastatoruk release their debut album ‘Baptised In Blasphemy’ on the 10th July via @clobberrecords We’ve been lucky enough to of been sent an advanced copy for review so here goes!! Imagine a band that blends the groove of Motorhead, the early thrash of… Continue Reading “Devastator – Baptised in Blasphemy”

Dissension – Dissension

@dissension_band and their self-titled debut EP dropping next Friday (8th May 2020) Now if you look at the cover art for the new Dissension EP you would probably guess that they’re towards the blackened end of the thrash spectrum, but as they say, don’t judge… Continue Reading “Dissension – Dissension”

Virus – Evilution Apocalypse

Meanwhile in a Thrash Metal Laboratory near Dundee mad scientists has been mixing up a new strain of old school thrash metal. And the time is close for the Virus to be set free! Evilution Apocalypse is the first new album from old school… Continue Reading “Virus – Evilution Apocalypse”