Review – Halberd – Aftermath (Single)

Neil Bolton checks out the new single by the Halberd lads… here’s what he thinks

Its a bloody good job I like this new song by Halberd ! Have you seen their new awesome mascot “Chief”? I do not want that bugger nipping round exacting revenge over a rough review.

Thankfully that was never on the cards.

This London thrash metal five peace have returned with a well crafted lump of a song. Leading up with fast guitars that soon open up to the riff of the song. This is a thick chunky riff that sticks to the brain quickly. Casey Marsh’s harsh but audible voice sit perfectly in this well mixed number;  his voice soon and smoothly growls the words before a wonderful thrash, head banging breakdown runs down the listeners spine. The riff does not leave and proves to be the foundation for the song as a whole, as it should be. 

Percussion is on point and every thing about this impressive tune seems to be geared around ensuring carnage is enjoyed in the live setting. The stirring guitar solo carries on with the vocals sitting on top, soon followed by the song’s riff. All the while the soaring guitar solo keeps on going. Marvellous. 

Building once more on last year’s impressive “Thrashbestos” Halberd hopefully have more of the same in store.

Pre Save now – OUT FRIDAY and don’t miss another new track from the lads on Moshin’ The Roof On Volume 4

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