Review – Beyond Extinction – Nothing More Wretched

This review was meant to be out at the end of last week, so apologies to the band and to Hutch who’s review lay dormant for a few days… that being said, well worth a read and then a listen!!

It’s true that music conjures up a myriad of emotions. There are songs that are too painful to listen to, songs that remind you of joyous moments, and ones that bring amazing memories back to life. And then there are the emotions that are experienced when you read that the oldest member of Essex Death Metal bruisers Beyond Extinction is just 22 years old. How does that make me feel? FUCKING OLD, that’s what! 

Combining elements of classic OSDM with the modern deathcore sound, Beyond Extinction’s second EP Nothing More Wretched builds on an exciting couple of years, their debut EP The Fatal Flaws of Humankind and their 2021 appearance on the New Blood Stage at Bloodstock Festival. Over the course of 20 minutes or so, the band deliver five punishing tracks that bring an explosive savagery front and centre. This is aggressive, rage-filled power that persons so young shouldn’t really be entitled to appreciate. 

The intro works well, the minute of Warmth of the Empty Light easing you into a Sci-Fi world that is immediately shattered with the pounding of The Subjugator. Huge riffs, massive slamming  breakdowns, and the guttural rasping roar of Jasper Harmer combine in a sledgehammer aural assault that is uncompromising, jagged and as welcome as a rusty razor across the wrist. 

The songs aren’t long, but these guys pack some intensity into their work. The harrowing title track lingers with a sinister malevolence that unnerves and disturbs. Their use of atmospheric synths works, especially on the blistering Gravedigger, the lead track from the EP. It’s a real shapeshifter, easing from all-out explosive anger to carefully crafted breakdowns that reek of pure evil. It’s a sound that is surely illegal in many countries, for the sheer intensity is suffocating.  

It’s almost Black Metal for a moment as Eyes of God Look Down on Me, possibly the highlight of this impressive release. Full of character, it’s a truly impressive piece, until you reach the crowning glory of this release. The majestic five-minute finale of Plague Monarch combines every element that has gone before it in a savage eruption of Death Metal. The use of synths is subtle but enhances the driving groove, and although it undoubtedly encourages the idiots who do the kung-foo kicking in the pit (told you I was old – sure there’s a modern term for it), it’s still a beast. 

A battering delivered, Beyond Extinction the leave you alone, gasping for air, wondering where your life went. This is an exciting release, and if you are under 30, one that should really have you rushing out to pick it up. 


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