Review – Decorpsetated – Human Words

Chris Cleo checks out a new band to him, with a new album, here’s what he thinks of Decorpsetated and Human Words

Decorpsetated are a new band that have just come out swinging straight out of the gate with a debut LP ‘Human Words’.  Usually when writing (especially about a bands very first full length album) I have a pore over a bands previous demos/EPs just to see what they’re all about and so you can measure the progression up against what’s meant to be a definitive statement about their sound.  With ‘Human Words’ I went in completely blind.  While Decorpsetated are described as a death/thrash band it’s honestly pretty hard to get on board with that description, because underneath the extremely abrasive slab of metal that is Human Words is a very extensive mix of different influences.  Does this come off disjointed?  Who cares? Do we need another thrash band that just plays dad-riffs and tries to rewrite Bonded By Blood for the trillionth time? These are all questions that Decorpsetated answer with one response.  The first thing on this record.

Gravity blast.  Instant respect.  Opener and title track Human Words is by far the most extreme song on this disc, bouncing from frantic riffs to spastic shredding melodies to more hyper-blasting sections.  It’s hard to really put into words exactly what this music evokes emotion-wise, not to sound all soppy and over-analytical, because it quite simply sounds like you’re being murdered – by…  something; and to be honest with the amount of bands that sing about this kinda stuff they don’t really follow through too well by actually creating the atmosphere too, which is what I think is kinda the point Decorpsetated are going for.

I think this is also done by the production, that’s abrasive as hell but still clear enough for bits to come through.  Destructifiance has some cool clean parts that sit on top distorted chords Eternal Waking style, but that’s just one thing that tossed into the massive melting pot of influences.  The slower groovy and doomy sections also create an instantly differing sound that will be memorable in the grand scheme of the album even though you’ll need to pay attention and actually learn the material inside out to catch all the nuances packed in there.

It’s very rare that I listen to a record that makes me feel something completely different, but hey Decorpsetated have done it.  Honestly I’m still baffled writing this even though its been about a week since I heard the album for the first time because theres so much packed into a 40 minute LP.  The main takeaways from this one are the drummers chops: props to this dude for being able to fit into such a chaotic sound without using only blast beats, and the super freaky vibe that is seemingly the only thing that binds this collection of tracks together – pure chaos.  The most thrashy song on here is probably To Cast A Shadow which instantly makes it a favourite cut, but again the song has some super cool breakdown-like parts.  Of course there are other breakdowns scattered throughout but they all sound different but just as harsh as each other – hell theres even melody in here!! I will have to say that the djenty sections in the second and third songs are an immediate write-off for me but chalk that up to my lack of tolerance, and again they’re just things that add to the super freaky uncomfortable vibe (probably not for the same reasons to me though).  

Where the band state that to be Decorpsetated means ‘to have one’s corpse violently and abruptly removed from their soul’, they weren’t playing around.  Because that is fuckin’ exactly what this LP portrays.  NOT for the faint of heart. 

Go find out all about the band and take a listen HERE

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