Review – Regicide – Dying To Be Liked (Single)

Hutch is back for another single review, this time from Essex Groove-Mongers Regicide – here’s what he thinks…

Another day, another single is thrown out by the boss, and like a fool, I dive in to listen. You’d think I’d have learnt by now. After all, the UK thrash scene, whilst often vibrant and exciting, is also swollen with bands all vying for attention. We are rapidly approaching saturation point, in the same way that the cycle in metal has happened for generations. And for some old fart like me, who saw the collapse of NWOBHM all those years ago, it really is history repeating itself. 

So why am I rambling on like this? Because despite the numerous bands that try their best, few catch the ear. And that’s where Regicide come in, because their latest single Dying to Be Liked is one such song. Whilst the band have drawn deep from their influences, this is a track that grabs the attention, holds you by the nuts and slowly squeezes, increasing the intensity over the entire five-and-a-half-minutes.  

Based around a deep and heavy groove that rumbles like a deep see monster, Regicide rampage through their observation on social media and those that spend their lives trapped in its spell. It’s heartening to see bands taking on subjects like this, for it is surely a real curse amongst society today.  

The vocals are going to be an acquired taste, but although I’m not a huge fan of the screaming rage, Niall Byrne’s raw delivery fits with the overall vibe of the song and the direction that Regicide power towards. He snarls, he spits, and he generally brings the necessary aggression. The song has a neat slow breakdown around the four-minute mark, providing a sludgy crossover feel to the final minute of the song.  

Musically, Regicide have it on point. I like the overall atmosphere of the track, the way it slows to an end is memorable, and the sheer visceral nature of the song works from start to finish. It’s got enough power to propel it through, the guitar work is solid and overall, this is a song that keeps my interest for the duration. Building on their previous work, the Essex boys have released a beast.  

Dying To Be Liked is out this Friday (14th) with a brand new video.. pre-save below!!

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