Review – Mur.Doc 104 – The Undying

Hutch checks out the debut EP from the Maltese Thrashers….

Malta sits at the foot of Italy, in the Mediterranean and within site of the North African coast. It’s also, according the website Invisible Oranges( invisibleoranges) a bit of a hotbed for all types of metal. I’d heard of Beheaded, the extreme death metallers who’ve been doing their thing since 1991. Doom outfit Forsaken are another band known across the globe. 

Mur.Doc 104 formed in 2017 and bring an old school thrash vibe, with singer Luke Debono a cross between Paul Baloff and Bobby Blitz. He can hit the high notes but is more at home with Blitz’s snarling delivery. The Undying is the band’s first EP, coming on the back of several single releases. Over 18 minutes, the quintet bring four salacious cuts for your delectation. They have boundless energy, with a Bay Area chug that works well. 

Opener The Undying is a bit of a bulldozer, with a monstrous riff that increases in tempo, and our first encounter with Debono. There are plentiful gang vocals and although the music is raw and unreconstructed, there is a genuine desire to enjoy the rudimentary style which owes much to Exodus in influence. These guys are giving it a right go. They may not be polished, but sometimes that’s not what it’s about. 

Mur.Doc 104 is the second track, and it’s very much in the same vein as the opener, but expands into a more narrative, brooding and dark delivery. I would imagine Debono’s vocals will be the sticking point for many, just like Blitz’s delivery is a marmite challenge for some. If you can get on board, then there’s plenty to like here. 

The final two songs continue the thrashing goodness, with Ignorant Masses and Thrashing the Boat both songs that you can really get stuck into. It’s the latter which is most memorable, thanks to its chorus, although Ignorant Masses is probably the standout track on the EP. 

Mur.Doc 104 certainly know how to bring the thrash and if you like your metal with grit, determination and a little on the basic side at times, then The Undying is a well spent 18 minutes.

Physical Copies available from the band are out this Friday (3rd) with Streaming the following week on the 10th HERE

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