Review – PIST – The Bleak Unrest

Manchesters bringers of Massive Riffs ‘PIST’ are back tomorrow with their new album ‘The Bleak Unrest’ now the band have carried the ‘stoner’ monicker around for quite a while, and that seemed to fit the earlier sound, but this new release feels and sounds a little different.

Whilst still holding on to the gritty, and desolate edge that we know the band feel like they have moved into a bit more of an unchartered territory, taking on some influence and groove from what’s going on in the wider UK underground scene, this release sounds heavy but in a different way to before, not the grinding doom of depression but adding a more crossover edge to their sound.

This album at times feels like a really good blackened thrash band playing up tempo doom, which for my old ears is no bad thing… the inclusion of Hellrippers James McBain on ‘Their Voice Is Not Mine’ is the cheery on the cake of this matured sound, along with Joe from Redeye Revivals solo on the equally fine Sharpen The Knife which also is a standout on the release

Not that the band need a guest to rip, single ‘Death To All’ confirms that the band have everything they need in the arsenal without needing to send for any extra hired guns. Album closers Embrace the Grey, channels a Black Metal vibe , with the chainsaw guitars driving the introduction to the track, whilst closer Until The World Has Fallen Apart blends a bit more of the anthemic gothic doom undertones, with some metallic face smashing hooky riffs.

This is PISTs strongest release to date, and breaks them out of the stereotypical stoner genre… call it Stonercore, Blackened Doomcore.. or just call it a massively enjoyable album… oh, and extra shout out to Hester Aspland for the gorgeous cover art!!

Order Now on BANDCAMP out this Friday (24th February)

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