Review – Mechanized – The Escherian Stairwell (Single)

Southwest thrash/death metallers Mechanized release their new single  ‘The Escherian Stairwell’. on April 14th, those of you paying attention may of noticed the track gracing the latest volume of Moshin’ The Roof On!

The Bloodstock New Blood Alumni follow up last years blistering ‘Out of the Womb, Into the Tomb’ and debut single ‘United in Misery’ as they continue to lead the South West charge…

And boy are they coming out swinging, this is a fast paced face melting thrasher that takes no prisoners and continues the lads consistent approach to song writing and quality, riffs are coming at you from all angles and the lead guitar work is sublime, with melodies and harmonies delivering a rich and deep sound, and that’s not all… not only do you get The Escherian Stairwell’ we are also treated to a melodic and haunting instrumental intro track in ‘Illusory’ which lulls the listener into a state of calm and relaxation before the main event beats you around the head!!

Thematically, it twists and turns through profound introspection leading to the ascent from the cavernous depths of one’s mind and the simultaneous descent into madness it causes. 


The lads have also self produced a killer lyric video accompanying the New Single taking you on a visual journey and further enhances the storytelling of the track, which we will share on Friday via our socials and here’s hoping we get an EP or maybe even a full album later this year!

Mechanized – ‘The Escherian Stairwell’ – Out April 14th and Pre Save HERE

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