News – Derby Alt Fest 2023 – Unearthed Music 

This year sees the seventh edition of the festival held at The Hairy Dog in Derby return for its biggest year yet, spreading over 5 days, 18-22 October. 

Bands include Gama Bomb, These Wicked Rivers, Defences, Divine Chaos, Neonfly, Harbinger, Street Soldier, Hellripper, Luna Kiss, Waterlines and many others – Including Friday headliner and a couple more special guests to be announced. As well as the first “Chosen By You” poll competition, which saw over 3500 vote for their 5 favourite acts to perform. 

Advance full week tickets are priced at £40 for 5 days, with day tickets available now too, the full week ticket is cheaper than going for Sat and Fri/Sun, in the hope it encourages more people to check out more bands across the 5 days.

Previous bands who have played the festival include Martyr Defiled, Invisions, Cage Fight, The Hell, Evil Scarecrow, Raised By Owls, The Five Hundred, Dave McPherson & many others since its formation in 2016.

Tickets Available Now –

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