News – Derby Alt Fest – Thrash Saturday Line Up Preview

Our friends Unearthed have just announced most of their Saturday line up for next years Derby Alt Fest, now we know this is a long time away and we have only recently reviewed this years shenanigans…. but with a line up like this there is plenty to get excited about…

So, hopefully you will of already seen that the mighty Gama Bomb are headlining the Saturday night in the Hairy Dog on the 21st October 2023, here’s some of the other bands that will be taking the stage to get the pits moving that night..

London Death Thrashers Evisarize kick of the night, and from the signs of their latest EP ‘Blood For The Blackened Eyes’ (available on BandCamp) it won’t be a sedate start to the night!

Next up will be Manchester Metallers ‘Visitor’ whose music is billed as high speed danger thrash ranging from guttural growls to soaring melodies, blast beats to beat downs…. sounds like that should all keep everyone moving !! check out the bands back catalogue. More Death Thrash comes from another band straight of the stacked Unearthed Roster, Must Kill have a killer EP already out, got invited to play Bloodstock 2022 and are on a roll right now!

The next two bands shouldn’t be strangers to any self respecting UK Thrasher, first up it’s Liverpool Prog Thrash from the lovely lads in Reaper, who’s balls to the walls riffs and power are tempered with some intrigue and melody, go and check out some of their music if you’ve only just been beamed onto planet!! We asked the guys what they thought of this years fest….

Genuinely phenomenal. The Gama Bomb dudes are such lovely fellas, so welcoming when we supported them for our first ever London show, and an incredibly fun band to be supporting. The Unearthed team have absolutely brought it for this line up and we’re stoked to be a part of it. Just gotta bring our A game now!!


Our pals in Helgrind are next on the bill, we always love watching Paula, Simon and the rest of the guys take to the stage, they deliver Old School Thrash the way it’s supposed to be played, we caught up with Paula….

Sharing the stage with Gama Bomb is going to be great.  That whole line up though has got quality the whole way through, can’t wait to get on it

Paula – Helgrind

Up on stage after Helgrind have melted your faces will be another of our favourite bands, except the thrash, heavy metal and hardcore crossover to be strong as the ever powerful Inhuman Nature make sure you are all ‘Under The Boot’ If you managed to catch their set on The SOPHIE stage at Bloodstock this year, you will know that the lads will bring it!!

It’s fucking sick mate!! I’m stoked on Hellripper!! 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

Chris -Inhuman Nature

Another London Band making their way back to Derby, The Imperium boys also celebrated their year with a New Blood Spot, as well, their debut EP has been massive and we know that the lads will bring the power and energy…and maybe the Fireball Whiskey Truck!!!

We got the news we was playing alt fest just after this years one. We was mega happy with that…. But then we saw the line up! Let’s just say, THRASH SATURDAY will be something to remember for a long time to come!!!

Ben – Imperium

With a TBA to be filled, next up is a treat for us all, Hellripper from Scotland have gone from one man band masterclass to a world renowned underground touring act… every time James post on instagram, he is inundated with ‘come to Peru’ ‘come to Norway’ well he’s not… He’s coming to Derby for the first time, so bring your imaginary Orbs and let’s go crazy!!

I’m really looking forward to playing Derby for the first time! From the people that I’ve spoke with that played or were at the last fest, I’ve only heard good things, so it promises to be a great weekend for sure!

James – Hellripper

Divine Chaos continue the nights thrash, and what a band to fill the slot, they toured with Gama Bomb back in 2014, but have come a long way since then, we haven’t seen the guys live for a couple of years so are really looking forward to seeing them onstage! Then of course we have the headliners, Gama Bomb who we know will bringing a ton of fun to the party and well into the night!!

We caught up with the main man himself… head of Unearthed Music Liam Barlow to get his take on this years Thrash Night…

I’ve had a lot of fun putting together Alt Fest for next year, as you know the thrash day this year was Thursday and went really well so wanted to do it on the Saturday next time out. I’m really happy with how the line up has gone together and I’m sure the budding thrash heads of the country will agree with me!

Liam Barlow – Unearthed Music

Early Bird Tickets for the weekend are already available ‘EARLY BIRDS‘ or keep an eye on the Alt Fest Facebook Page for more details and day tickets, we will of course be chatting to all the bands in the run up to the show!!

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