Mutant Blast –Detonation

Hutch explodes all over the new Mutant Blast EP…..

Although they only finalised their line up in 2020, Finish death n’ rollers Mutant Blast have a distinctly mature sound. Detonation maybe their first EP but there is plenty to get stuck into in the blasting 22 minutes which five full songs as well as an atmospheric intro.  

It’s clear from the start that Mutant Blast draw from a wide range of influences, from the power and drive of Motörhead to the ferocious death metal of Entombed and the raw black metal of Venom. The sound is harsh and raw, with opening track Break the Wheel an uncontrollable and feisty rager that explodes from the opening bars and doesn’t slow down – in fact there is a frantic pace which appears to increase as the track progresses.  

Vocalist Tomi Malinen, who also adds guitar has a gnarly delivery which suits the band’s chaos driven style. There is a bigger, more intense feel to Blades of Steel, but the track soon breaks out into another all-out aural assault. This is music to which one must break speed limits, such is the grip that it establishes on the listener. In the live arena, bones would be broken in the pits, with the underlying groove combining with a visceral slice of thrash that surely will appeal to most metal fans.  

There’s more than a whiff of Chrome Division in the band’s style, with the dramatic Grave Insanity, with its huge riffs and boot print of a stomp bringing a different feel whilst March of the Dead reverts to a more traditional thrash approach, all raging riffing and pounding drumming and a nice bit of Slayer thrown in for good measure. 

This is an EP that is well worth a listen if you like your thrash blended with a gritty, old-school mix of influences. The band comprise lead vocalist and guitarist Tomi Malinen, guitarist Toni Huhtiniemi, bassist Juha Lähde and drummer E-S Kuikka and are yet another example of the hot bed of metal that is Finland.  

Detonation was released on the 10/09/21 and is available via BandCamp

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