Vesicarum –Great Decay (Single)

We can always count on Paul Hutchings to turn around a review in record time for us, as he checks out the first single from the upcoming new album due in the summer…

My first exposure to Vesicarum, a five-piece from Kent whose style is unashamedly death metal. Formed in 2016, initially as a solo project by vocalist Glynn Neve, the band released their debut EP Reign of Terror in 2019. Meaning ‘to fester’ in Latin, Vesicarum’s sound certainly lives up to that translation. Filthy, fetid riffs and a sound that makes the skin crawl, I was scratching frantically by the end.

Great Decay is the first single from the band’s debut long-player Place of Anarchy, due out on One Eye Toad Records on 18thJune. Inviting James Dawson of Brighton’s Bleed Again provides a clever contrast with the unique style of Neve whose delivery isn’t going to be to everyone’s taste. Lyrically, Great Decay looks at Neve’s personal struggles with depression and mental health during the past year and is likely to resonate dramatically with many who listen to this single. Neve’s voice sits low, gravel coated and to say the man sings is probably a lie. He spits out the words, the distress and bitterness evident in his tone. Dawson by contrast is energised, raw and ferocious, a snarling pit bull chomping at the bit. 

Musically this is a devastating track that builds slowly, increasing in tempo as the song progresses. Walls of spine-busting riffs, punishing rhythm section and the odd lead break all combine to provide an aural assault that is brutal in delivery and composition. It’s an assault on the aural senses, and one that demonstrates that the Kent outfit’s new album is one that should be very interesting to listen to.

Vesicarum is Glynn Neve–vocals, guitarists Martin Shipton and James Thompson, drummer Donal McGeeand bassist Mark Willson

Vesicarum Great Decay is out NOW go find it!

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