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Evil In – An Ethereal Force Beyond

Gareth checks out the new two track EP from USA thrasher, Evil In, lets see what this guy deliver on the first outing… If you fancy a quick death/thrash fix, you could do much worse than giving the debut from one man band Evil In,… Continue Reading “Evil In – An Ethereal Force Beyond”

Exterminated –The Genesis of Genocide

Paul Hutchings heads to the Philippines to investigate the new album by Exterminated I’m not familiar with the extreme metal scene in the Philippines but if Exterminated are anything to go by, it’s a savage land with little other than hostility and punishment.  Their debut full… Continue Reading “Exterminated –The Genesis of Genocide”

Vesicarum –Great Decay (Single)

We can always count on Paul Hutchings to turn around a review in record time for us, as he checks out the first single from the upcoming new album due in the summer… My first exposure to Vesicarum, a five-piece from Kent whose style… Continue Reading “Vesicarum –Great Decay (Single)”

Twitch of the Death Nerve –Beset by False Prophets

Paul Hutchings steps up the brutal gauge and reviews the new EP from Twitch Of The Death Nerve, here’s what he had to say…. There’s death metal and then there’s brutal death metal. It’s the music that forms the extreme end of extreme, and which I freely… Continue Reading “Twitch of the Death Nerve –Beset by False Prophets”

Green Mantis – Kill The Plague

Blackened Thrash Metal has become one of Thrash’s more popular hybrids over recent years. With bands such as Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch, Aura Noir and Witchery bringing it to prominence in the 2000’s, it has slowly influenced many bands to carry on in a similar vein.… Continue Reading “Green Mantis – Kill The Plague”

Underking – Embrace the Arcane single

Gareth took a listen to the new single from Underking 2020 has already been prolific year for Nottingham’s Underking, the one-man project and brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Maxwell Jeffries, already releasing not one, but two mini-albums: ‘Ghosts of the Past’ and ‘Amongst the Dead’ back… Continue Reading “Underking – Embrace the Arcane single”