Underking – Embrace the Arcane single

Gareth took a listen to the new single from Underking

2020 has already been prolific year for Nottingham’s Underking, the one-man project and brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Maxwell Jeffries, already releasing not one, but two mini-albums: ‘Ghosts of the Past’ and ‘Amongst the Dead’ back in April this year. Both were quite different from each other, the first being more melodic and saw Maxwell take on the majority of the singing, while the later saw him join forces with Dustin Burmeister, who took on the majority of the vocals and lyrics, and was altogether a bit heavier, Dustin’s vocals being much harsher than Maxwell’s (reminding me of Matt Heafy when he’s doing his screaming vocals) giving the overall sound a more ‘blackened’ feel. The music on both is quite varied, having parts from all sorts of genres, thrash, speed, classic heavy metal, doom, and even some groove, Maxwell proving he is a very versatile composer. 

Max Underking courtesy of http://frankiethephotographer7.wordpress.com/

That brings us nicely to latest release, the new single, and a taster for their, as yet, untitled third album. First thing I noticed, was the slightly beefier production this time, courtesy of Stephan Waltl of SAW Audio, not that the other releases were bad by any means, but there is a noticeable difference. The improved sound gives the riffs a bit more of a prominent role than before and there’s an almost symphonic feel to the track, enhanced by Maxwell’s uniquely melodic vocals. It’s a song that is very well crafted, and although this certainly isn’t thrash, there is undoubtedly enough here for thrashers to enjoy, especially if you prefer the more melodic end of the genre. Overall, I think it’s a song you’ll have to make your own minds up about, but I do very much urge you check it out. Another very promising up and coming UK metal act.

Embrace The Arcane is out on the 11th December

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