Episode 22 – YERSIN

In this weeks episode we catch up with Sunderland Extreme noise mongers Yersin, and chat about the NE scene, socially distanced music making and trying to persuade Newcastle metalheads to get on the Metro to visit Sunderland

Episode 22 – Yersin

We’ve also got a metric fuck ton of music from – 

Sidewinder – Slut Drop – https://sidewinder-bc.bandcamp.com/releases

Virus – Basement Conversion – https://open.spotify.com/album/4uOSZfKFFjWr5clX30KiuV

Yersin – Guilt – https://yersinofficial.bandcamp.com/

Obzidian – Raven – https://obzidian.bandcamp.com/

Rawfoil – Braindead Diver – https://rawfoil.bandcamp.com/

Inhuman Nature – Holy Command – https://inhumannature.bandcamp.com/

Novichok – Vengeance Rising – https://open.spotify.com/artist/4L6tK5BFFeaXEKZd86H2Jh

Thrashsquatch – Thrash Till Death – https://thrashsquatch.bandcamp.com/releases

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