Review – Phrenesy – Fears Apocalypse

Brazilian Thrashers Phrenesy have been hitting the underground since 2003, and their dedication and belief to the cause is strong, with this their second album due to pummel the streets in the next few days the band are out to make a strong statement.

The album is a solid release, and the band are on the crossover edge of the thrash spectrum, especially through the vocal delivery – musically the tracks are frantic, powerful and pulsating, the guitar work throughout is especially noteworthy and some of the solos through this 10 track album are blistering.

The topics are traditional thrash in nature, whilst a beer or three is at the centre, the guys don’t miss out on the opportunity to comment on social and political issues facing the world. All in all this is an enjoyable and well delivered release, whilst not pushing any real boundaries, it’s a riff-fest of thrash!!

Phrenesy – Fears Apocalypse is released via Wormhole Death on May 5th

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