Review – Sawticide – Man Made Horrors Beyond Our Comprehension (EP)

Hutch takes a listen to the brand new EP from London Death Thrashers Sawticide, and finds out what these guys have been creating in the last few years…

Looking for something soothing, calm, maybe the ideal soundtrack to a dinner party, or a romantic evening to share with a loved one? Well, unless you want that relationship to end, or your better half wants to indulge in the outpouring of sounds from Satan’s guts, you’d better not pick the latest five-track EP from Sawticide, the London death thrashers whose previous EP The 11th Plague was released over two years ago. 

Man Made Horrors Beyond Our Comprehension is one uncontrollable beast. In the 22 minutes that it explodes from your speakers, it’s all you can do to hang onto your seat and hope that the room will stop spinning. The visceral Lost in an Empty World erupts with staggering power, a pace that is unrelenting and a savagery that a knife wielding street thug would envy. 

The Harvesters relies less on earth shattering pace and instead aims for heaviness through punishing riffs and the guttural vocal roars. Elements of Death, Celtic Frost and Entombed reach out from within, the band clearly pinning influences on the mast. It’s not the originality that some might crave, but it crushes with a skull pounding intensity and sometimes that is more important. Like that first beer on a night out, or the indulgent draw on a cheeky cigarette, this EP hits deep. 

The MTRO alumni even have the confidence to throw in an atmospheric instrumental, more of an intro to the final track in Zombie Summoning. It’s an eerie, uncomfortable piece that unsettles, the clear intent being to build towards Zombie Ritual. After two minutes we reach the target, and the slicing guitars hit the riff, the horrifying demonic roar erupts, and the band move into heads down no nonsense thrashing mayhem for the final time. It’s a punishingly faced song, and the perfect bookend to the ferocity that they unleash at the start of the EP. 

Sawticide may not be reinventing the wheel, but with a rawness that is both endearing and necessary for the whole vibe of the EP, this is a release that works in many ways. It’s a demonstration of the potential that the band have. If you want your head metaphorically kicked in, this is for you.

Is out on the 28th January, via the normal streaming sites and we guess BandCamp

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