Review – Fracture Point – Symbiosis (Single)

We always like to hear from the relative newcomers in the scene, and we’ve spotted the Fracture Point Logo adorning a few flyers in the last few months, so was pleased to get a mail from the lads with their debut single attached.

‘Symbiosis’ is a great first release, if you are going to pin your flag to a genre, make sure your first single hits all the specifics, and that exactly what this track does, chugging riffs, pummelling drums and bass and a really nice vocal delivery, sometimes quite clean and melodic in delivery and then occasionally turning into a gorgeous Cookie Monster deeper growl that really mixes the track up and adds additional dimension….

add to that a distortion pedal turned up to the max, a few mosh pit inducing breakdowns and a blasting guitar solo, seriously what is there not to like with this track! honestly if this is what ‘old hairy men playing angry music’ (their words not mine) sounds like, lets have some more!!

Fracture Point – Symbiosis is out Friday the 27th January, I’m guessing on all the streaming platforms, but these boys are cracking on, so may just post you a C90 cassette, but they are doing a video so we will share that on FB this Friday!!

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