Review – Tempashot – Certified Dangerous

To kick things off with our first review of 2023, Neil Bolton takes a listen to a band that are doing thrash a little bit differently…. here’s what he thinks of the debut Tempashot album

Let’s get something straight, thrash metal is alive and well. It’s not dead, it’s not ill, it’s not even bilious. 

It is strong and it is healthy. 

Thrash is, however, a narrow street to navigate; stray from the path too much and it is no longer thrash, and the gate keepers will remind you.

London band “Tempashot” have produced a very, very, good thrash album. It just so happens that the vocalist raps his words instead of grunting or singing them. This is by no means a first, but it is rare, and even more rare to be this good. 

The music is unquestionably thrash, it’s fast, aggressive and expertly performed. This is matched with the vocals of Luke Alexander, that are also fast and aggressive and expertly performed. These are  areas that thrash should excel in, we can tick that box. 

Several tracks from this album have been released already as singles, and the band have amassed a decent fan collection already, (I count myself as one) . I mean it’s understandable really, the musicianship is of a very high calibre . The guitars are rapid whether its riffing or soloing. The drumming is sharp and hostile and the bass is a killer, strong and powerful. Now the vocals do add a massive focal point of difference. As mentioned Alexander raps and spits his vocals right down your throat. 

If you are not yet familiar with this band don’t be expecting vapid or dull lyrics such as mentioning “in da club” over and over again, no. These are strong lyrics about warfare, depression and gate keeping individuals to name just a couple.  

A heartfelt “ballad” sits early in the album, a move that screams we don’t care about the rules.

An admirable move. 

As mentioned several of these tracks have been released as stand alone singles, don’t be mislead into thinking that this means the ones you may have not have heard are of a lesser quality. Every tune from this album could shine as a single and an example of this bands talent and rising status. The forth coming UK, support slot to Acid Reign should prove some na sayers wrong.

If the word rap gets your back up next to the words thrash metal, just give it a go, What’s the worst that could happen. At best you could discover amazing music to bang your head to. At worst you just press stop.

Certified Dangerous is out on January 27th 2023 worldwide on Devils Clause Records, available as a 9 track digital release on all platforms and a 10 track physical CD version.

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