Review – Chimp In A Box – Dead Dog Ditch EP

One of my favourite things about doing ukthrashers and of course Moshin’ The Roof On, is bands that release music a couple of years apart, and the change and growth is mind blowing..

Well Grimsby New Age Alt-Thrashers Chimp In A Box are one of those bands, their Volume 3 Contribution to MTRO ‘Sixes’ was a massive and surprising step up to what we’d heard before, and it features on their debut EP with another 4 new tracks to get your heads around.

Now, the Chimps don’t do thrash by numbers and the 5 tracks do everything in the bands powers to shake the tree to its core, kicking off with the opening track – ‘Journey To The West’ with its guttural vocals and thumping rhythm, hardcore style gang vocals and head banging beats

And things don’t slow down for the next four tracks, through tracks like ‘Sheep’, into the title track and onto ‘Word of War’ the band continue to treat us to well crafted off the beaten path Thrash, they are all pretty long tracks as well… which lets be honest I usually struggle with my attention span, but these bangers keep me gripped… the EP Finishes with the aforementioned ‘Sixes’ that featured on MTRO v3 and hinted at what was to come

All in all DEAD DOG DITCH is no monkeying about, and is full out gorilla warfare that doesn’t ape anyone…. enough monkey gags…go listen now!!

Out Today (28th October) via BANDCAMP

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