Review – Thundering Hooves -Radiance

Neil Bolton checks out the new album from Thundering Hooves here’s what he thinks…

This second album from London’s “Thundering Hooves” hopes to build and evolve the sound created on their first release “Vestiges”. This new album “Radiance” has seen members Danial B, and Micheal B fold in a little more of the traditional metal sound into their music; a sound worthy of such a cool band name.

Embers is the first track and displays the goal of black and trad well. The black metal sound is prominent while the gallop of the traditional side mixes well, giving the listener an immediate something to grab hold of. 

The gruff, course black metal vocals sit devilishly well in  this wonderfully mixed and produced album. It contains the feel, and the dark, and the horror, I am sure the band intended. 

The second track begins with a wonderful drum lead, breaking  into a song now containing more of the traditional sound, a sound which is similar to current “Darkthrone”. This slow, head-bang inducing, track flows well and contains every element a listener to this genre craves and enjoys. 

The title track is next and flows pleasantly from the last. The black metal has not wained and the trad attack is just as enjoyable as ever. 

Lyrical inspiration for this album is spawned mainly from gothic and folk horror; a well trodden path that serves our love for the darker more taboo side of literature. It also works extremely well in this instance, but it is the music that takes the lime light, and for good reason. 

The tunes are hooky, the musicianship is extremely good, and it is all topped off with very good indeed heavy-metal song writing. Enjoyable guitar solos pop up all around this release adding more to the cacophony. These two gentlemen certainly contain a love and admiration for the history and importance of the past, as well as embracing and creating its future. 

The cover artwork fits well displaying a dark charcoal drawing that assists in the atmosphere of this album. 

To be honest this review could have been distilled down to these simple words. 

This album is very good, very good indeed.

Radiance is out in the UK on the 7th October via our friends at Mercenary Press with cassette and CD pre-orders being taken now.

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