Review – Hedra – Storm Clouds Single

Hutch checks out the new Hedra single, released today on Devil’s Clause Records, here’s what he thinks –

I’ll admit that the press picture of Hedra standing in matching shirts with the band’s logo on it was a bit off putting. Uniforms rarely look good. Hell, even Anthrax customised their shirts whilst Machine Head just looked, well, controlled. But putting that aside, who are Hedra? A five-piece from Norwich, the band comprises Jim Marten on vocals, guitarists Kamil Korsak and Zoran Gyenis, bassist Lukas ‘Kozi’ Mosdzenski and drummer James Redden. 

I said I’m wearing that shirt….

Hedra have been around since 2014, and describe their music as being drawn from bands as diverse as Korn, Pantera, and Tool, with the wider influences of U2 and Pearl Jam. The band have released a series of singles and now present Storm Clouds. 

The first thing to note is that whilst the influences above are evident, Hedra certainly have their own sound. This is in part to Marten’s vocals which are clean, smooth, and powerful. A veteran who has been around for many years, Marten holds his own against the heavy riff and dual guitar approach. ‘Storm Clouds’ moves quickly, an opening blast deferring to progressive flow, before sweeping moments and huge passages bring the track roaring to life. It’s got a definite late 90s early 00s flavour to it, but with a contemporary twist that gives it a different vibe.

The hook is irresistible, the delicate changes in tempo work well and the band link neatly together. It’s a well-crafted song that ebbs and flows with a grace and fluidity that appears organic. It’s almost cinematic in parts, with a huge middle section that demands attention. The four-minutes fly by, and the track is addictive enough to immediately demand another play. Their style may not be for everyone, but for those that appreciate it, this ticks all the boxes.

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