Killing –Face the Madness

Our review machine Hutch, reviews an album that has been getting loads of plays in the Thrash Dungeon… Lets see what he says about Danish Thrashers ‘Killing’….

For a band who formed in 2013, Face the Madness has probably been a long time coming and a realisation of ambitions that were ignited many years ago.

Their debut EP Toxic Asylum arrived in 2018 followed by a single, Raise Your Anger in 2019. Although they had to take a pause due to the pandemic, that hasn’t done them any harm as Face the Madness is a delicious 40-minute rollercoaster of old school thrash.

The Danish quartet of drummer Jesper Skousen, guitarists Snade and Rasmus Holm Sørensen and vocalist and bassist Rasmus Soelberg clearly worship at the altar which was erected in 1985 because this is a vicious, feral and savage beast that takes no prisoners. 

There is nothing remotely modern about this record, but if it doesn’t make you want to bang your head and bounce of the walls then there must be something wrong. For like all old school styles, Killing have captured the essence of Exodus, Death Angel, Slayer and Kreator and curled it up into one leather studded glove that slams repeatedly and relentlessly. 

Except for the meaty final track Killed in Action, everything is powerful, aggressive and clocking in at five minutes or under. There’s the stomping mosher Don’t Get Mad, Get Evil, all out thrashing of opener Kill Everyone and the Vikings themed Straight out of Kattegat. All demand the neck snaps hard; all ignite the thrash fires and all are nicely executed.

The production is spot on, giving a crisp edge without losing that essential older feel. Stuffed full of razor sharp riffage, pummelling drums and blood curdling roars, Killing have released an album that hits the mark.

This is an album well worth getting your listening gear well and truly directed toward.

Killing – Face The Madness is out on the 13th August via Mighty Music

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