Grave Altar –Hell’s Necromancer

Hutch explores the latest release from Grave Altar.. here’s what he thinks to the Bristol Speed Mongers latest offering…

Short, sharp and filthy –probably the best way to describe this four track EP from Bristol blackened thrashers Grave Altar. 

Hell’s Necromancer follows up on their debut full length Morbid Spell, released in 2019. The power trio, who lurk under the pseudonyms of Fiend, Maniac and Krow play pacy, black thrash with little regard for their or others safety. The two original numbers here, Angel’s Crypt and the title track are nasty little fuckers, guaranteed to get the dirt forming under your pristine fingernails. Thundering riffs, roaring vocals and a production straight out of 1982. It’s all there and with occultism themes thrown in for good measure. It’s raw, savage and spikey. 

The additional tracks here are cover versions. Sepultura’s Troops of Doom and Slayer’s Black Magic. Both are given a decent workout, albeit in a faithful way. It’s always enjoyable to hear a fresh take on such classic tracks and Grave Altar give both tracks a good bashing. What’s not to like?

Nothing at all is the answer, so head over to BandCamp to grab your copy

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