Blacklist – Disciples Of Time

The Blackpool arm of the Tri-fecta thrash militia enter the fray with their debut album, we’ve been lucky enough to hear loads of demo’s, early mixes and advanced artwork from the guys, so out of impartiality we asked Gareth to review the album, here’s what he thinks of Blacklist ‘Disciples Of Time’

I am pretty sure that I’m one of the many that’s been waiting with bated breath for this one. Ever since the band started teasing us with the video release of ‘Blood on the Sand’, which had fans salivating at the prospect of a full album. Well finally it is here, and band members Tyler Larkin, Curtis Goodyear, Danny France and Matthew Warburton can be pretty damn proud of what they’ve achieved: A modern thrash album with old school touches with eight blistering tracks and not one filler.

Starting with the military like snare and a building, compelling melody which segues nicely into ‘In the Trenches’ proper, this is an almost perfect opener, riffs spitting forth like bullets across no man’s land, fast and satisfying, yet not completely spilling all their guts on the floor, which leads us nicely into ‘Buckets of Blood’ with its dive bomb lead guitar, and absolutely pummelling double bass drums. 

‘Crucifix’ adds some (not so) subtle Slayer worship into the proceedings, with a ‘Mandatory Suicide’ feel to the riffing and Hanneman style melodies yet keeping it very much in their own style. The afore mentioned ‘Blood on the Sand’ is as heavy as the proverbial tank that is on the cover art of the single. The riffing has a bit of a crunchy crossover feel to these ears. 

‘Buried Alive’ is all piss and vinegar in its attitude, the opening chord progression is so catchy, then shifting into the gallop from hell. The title-track uses changes of pace to great effect, switching alternatively between intense doses of speed and slower denser riffs, it’s quite probably my favourite track. But don’t you stop there, ‘Plague Doctor’ has a riff that feels like you’re being nail gunned to a wall, before a great use of slower hit notes add a little bit of a different dynamic into the mix, still heavy as scrap metal mind, but a different kind of bludgeoning, cool solo as well from Onslaught’s Wayne Dorman! Then, all too soon, it’s onto album closer ‘Vengeance’ which is a great summary of everything that comes before it, high tempo riffage and manic snare all topped off by the blackened snarls of guests Liam and Lucas from Hellfekted and ThrasherWolf respectively. The breakdown and subsequent build back up is nothing short of just awesome.

So there you have it folks, a dream of a British thrash album, it brings to mind for me a little bit of a UK Enforced feel, what with those crossover tinged riffs, the Slayer influence, and that huge dose of attitude. They are not the same by any means, but I think you’ll hear what I mean. If I have one complaint, it is that it’s too short. So, I’m off to do the whole thing again. I suggest that you do the same, you will not be disappointed.

Disciples Of Time is out on Friday the 9th July, pick up a bundle at the bands Big Cartel and catch them live at their launch party on the 14th at the Bootleg Social in Blackpool, or on Tour with Hellfekted & Thrasherwolf in September and speak to Liam at Unearthed Music for Bookings

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