Acid Age – Semper Pessimus

The War Jazz machine keeps turning as Acid Age release their long awaited new opus, Semper Pessimus.

With a wait of five years, we were really interested to see what the Northern Irish trio have been up to, and how their blend of thrash has developed over the recent years.

And what a belter of an album it is, the lads of really come out swinging with an absolute opeth, the songs are big, and full of intent and drive, whilst the vocals remain guttural and on the death/black side the encompassing music twists and turns, at times intricate and folk tinged, at other times mosh pit inducing pop thrash, all the time with a sonic rhythmic pounding drum and bass excitement that keeps carrying the listener along.

The Over arching Roman theme pops it’s head up all over the place, sometimes in very clear lyrical sense, with titles like the Burning of Rome, but in other places there are just some sounds and chords that tease that impression of being in a Roman court…. do they do an electric cithara?.. with distortion pedal of course!

I’ve only spent a few hours with this album so not fully sunk into all the intricate details that I can hear are included and really look forward to getting to grips with this more during the week.

The band are hopefully joining us on the podcast in the next few weeks but in the meantime Sempur Pessimus is out today Saturday the 20th March, on all the streaming channels, but as always we strongly recommend you head over to BandCamp and buy a copy from the band.

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